Five things you need to know about Pixi Vitamin-C CapsuleCare serum

Five things you need to know about Pixi Vitamin-CCapsuleCare serum

Hello friends! Today I want to share Five things you need to know about Pixi Vitamin-C CapsuleCare serum and do a general review of this super serum! If you are looking for a hard working new serum, then this is the product for you! Let’s chat!

Contains a blend of Vitamin-C, Vitamin E & Plant Oils

This tiny golden nuggets of joy contain a potent blend of Vitamin-C, Vitamin E & Plant Oils to brighten, energise and nourish skin….All day long! It feels a lot creamier than most serums and because it’s so rich, I can use a lighter face cream, which is lovely on hotter days. 

Each capsule is the perfect dose!

Have you ever bought an expensive serum and found that one ‘pump’ was way too much serum and you felt like you annoyed that you were wasting your money every use?! Well not these little cuties! Each one is the perfect amount to cover your face and neck. No more. Perfect! I apply what I need to my face then pat the rest into my neck. Also they are travel friendly so if you are going away, simply put a few capsules into your luggage to save space and liquid allowance. 

Vegan, cruelty free, biodegradable & recyclable

Pixi products are always vegan and cruelty free, which we love and appreciate! Not only that, but the capsules are biodegradable and the plastic bottle they come in are recyclable too. And if you are wondering why the serum comes in little capsules, it’s to keep the serum fresher and therefore allow it to work harder! If you are worried they are fiddly, I promise they aren’t. Also, it’s a fairly thick, creamy texture so when you open the capsule it doesn’t dribble everywhere and waste a load of product, it’s easy to handle… although the tiny capsules might work as a deterrent for your man stealing your skincare! Which is a win-win!

REALLY brightens your skin tone

I flippin’ love this product! It is packed full of vitamin c, vitamin e and plant oils to give your skin a glowy finish and brighten skin tone. It’s gentle enough to use on sensitive skin (my skin is super sensitive) but effective enough to make an impact. Let’s be honest, we spend a lot on skincare and we want to see results! I have been loving them this summer when I’m wearing less base make up and relying on my skincare to do the hard work for me!

It’s a lovely creamy consistency which feels really hydrating but also like it’s giving my skin a bit of a rush of energy. It’s also fragrance free, which I love and it’s just a generally lovely hydrating, brightening serum. If you are looking for a Pixi Vitamin-C CapsuleCare serum review, then mine is 9.5/10! My only complaint is that I want to be able to buy biggie bottles. 

Get free shipping AND 10% off!

Spend over £35 on the Pixi websitePixi website for free standard shipping (every time you shop!) and if you sign up to their mailing list, you can get 10% off your order too! Enjoy! Whilst you are there, you should get the rose face mask, it’s amazing! 


Thank you for reading my Pixi Vitamin-C CapsuleCare serum review! I hope you liked it! Let me know if you have any questions! This post contains press samples.