FIVE River Cruise holidays you need to know about!

FIVE River Cruise holidays you need to know about!

Hello friends! Today I want to share FIVE River Cruise holidays you need to know about. I’ve been recently researching cruises and river holidays because I have a toddler and I don’t really want to fly with her. Plus there’s something so relaxing and magical about being on water and exploring areas via boat. It’s romantic, soothing and has such an old-time charm! Plus you get to explore multiple places in one holiday! So let me show you some amazing river cruise holidays I have been looking at recently!

Warning: this might be your next holiday! Let’s go!

Festive Cheer and Rhine Valley Christmas Markets Cruise

I am starting to get really excited for Christmas so this Festive Cheer and Rhine Valley Christmas Markets Cruise is at the top of my holiday wishlist! How amazing would it be to spend 3 Days and 4 Nights exploring the magical Christmas markets of Cologne and Koblenz. It’s the perfect festive holiday; filled with lights, magic, shopping, food and drink! How amazing! See more information here!

Loch Ness, Inverness and Black Isle

I love Scotland and this holiday looks amazing! It’s a 4 Night holiday which explores Loch Ness, Inverness and the Black Isle. It looks truly magical and it’s the perfect ‘cold weather’ holiday! See more here!

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Mighty Rhine to Switzerland

If you are looking for a slightly longer holiday, then this Mighty Rhine to Switzerland river cruise could be the trip for you! It’s a 9 day trip which takes in Germany, France and Switzerland. It explores historic old towns, spectacular Gothic cathedrals and museums. It’s major!!! See more here!!

Delightful Holland and Dutch Bulbfields

This idyllic 5 day river cruise takes in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Nijmegen and Rotterdam. On this trip you visit Nijmegen; which is the oldest city in The Netherlands, as well as the magnificent Keukenhof Gardens and Rotterdam, where you’ll have the chance to soak up breathtaking views from the Euromast Observation Tower. A dream of a trip- find out more here!

Cruising the Bordeaux Wine Country

Finally, can you imagine a more magical holiday than Cruising the Bordeaux Wine Country?! I don’t think I can! This five night cruise explores the Loire Valley, Bordeaux, the River Dordogne and of course… a lot of wine!! This part of France is truly magical and I can’t imagine a more spectacular way to explore it than by boat! Find out more here!

If none of these trips tickle your fancy, then there are LOADS more to choose from around the UK, Europe and beyond. Plus, there are so many advantages to river cruise holidays too; They are perfect for those who love to see multiple destinations without having to drive around and book multiple hotels. They are also great for those who don’t love flying and instead enjoy a romance and relaxation of travelling by boat.

I hope you enjoyed my post and let me know if you are thinking of booking a river cruise as your next holiday!