Five Amazing careers for women!

Five Amazing careers for women!

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about amazing careers for women, that you might not have considered before… if you have a daughter who is considering what to do with her work life, or you yourself are considering a career change, this could be the post for you! Let’s chat!


There are not enough women working in aerospace and there are a lot of amazing opportunities for women in this field.


Women make great lawyers, especially in the fields which require a higher level of sensitivity and compassion. This could in cases related to sexual trauma, workplace inequalities or if you are looking for the best Canadian immigration lawyers.


For women with a passion for aesthetics and a flair for the details, an architect can be an amazing career path.

Medical research

The medical profession has long been male dominated, which means certain women specific illnesses and diseases have been overlooked and under- researched. If more women joined the medical research field, it would help further the medical advancement of these diseases. Also, any job where you get to use a calibrated pipette is pretty cool!

Car Manufacturer

Finally, the automotive industry is always looking to recruit women for design, innovation and even manufacturing. Gone are the days of heavy lifting in car manufacturing, instead you could use cool machines to paint chassis or cut metal (see these best plasma cutter for sale as an example)

Ta da! And there we have it! Five Amazing careers for women! Let me know if you have any questions!