Everything you need to know about Lands’ End coats *review*

Lands end Parka coat review Black

Everything you need to know about Lands’ End coats *review*

Hello friends! Today I want to share everything you need to know about Lands’ End coats. I’m going to show you my two coats and give you my honest review on sizing, price, quality, fit, warmth and all that good stuff! Let’s chat!

Lands end Parka coat review     

Which Lands’ End Coats do I have?!

I have two Lands’ End coats, a more formal classic wool coat in ‘Rich Camel’ and more causal Hooded Expedition Maxi Long Down Coat in ‘black’.

I picked these two coats as between them, they will suit every winter occasion and weather eventuality.  The classic wool coat is a wonderful smart-casual piece; a beautiful fit, stunning colour, top quality fabrics and really well made. I can dress it up with a brooch, Silk scarf and a handbag or I can keep it simple and chic with jeans and a light jumper. 

As for the Hooded Expedition maxi coat, this is the perfect cold weather coat. It’s a lot more causal than the wool coat, but it’s perfect for super frosty or snowy days and long dog walks. We have a Labrador and we live in the country so we spend a lot of time outdoors so I know I will get a lot of use out of this coat. But I’ll get into that in a moment!

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Lands end Parka coat review Wool coat rich camel

Lands’ End sizing: should I size up or down? 

In general I would say Lands’ End clothes are very true to size. I went for my usual size for the wool camel coloured coat and the size up for the black coat, mainly to accommodate chunky jumpers. That being said, it’s such a warm coat, I probably won’t need much more than a teeshirt underneath! 

Also, when it comes to sizing details, I really like the fact that Lands’ End give you plenty of room in the hips and bust, as well as space in the arm. Also, I have the maxi length coat is a lovely length for my 5’6 frame.  

Size inclusivity 

Lands’ End have one of the best size ranges of the UK high street. They make their clothes in sizes 8-30. We love to see it! 

Lands end Parka coat review  Black

Temperature Rating 

One of my favourite things about shopping at Lands’ End is that their coats and jackets come with a temperature rating; warm, warmer and warmest. My black coat is classed as ‘warmest’ and I can confirm, it’s TOASTY!! Where as my classic wool coat is warm; which means it’s perfect for warmer winter days and keeping the chill away. 

 Lands’ End Quality Review

Ok! So let’s chat quality! You know I’m a stickler for the materials and the details. You can blame my love of luxury, or my background working in fashion, but I do believe that clothes should be well made using great materials. Otherwise, what’s the point in investing in nice things?! 

Lands end coat review

Lands end wool coat
First up! My wool coat, the wool fabric is lovely. It’s soft to touch, a beautiful weave, a stunning rich, warm shade and there isn’t a stitch or thread out of place. It sits really beautifully and it’s generally really well tailored. It’s a simple and elegant coat which will be worn and loved for years, if not decades to come.

You might find it could do with being hung or steamed when it arrives, but aside from that, it’s perfect. In fact, it’s so nice that I went to put a Chanel brooch in the lapel and I stopped myself because I didn’t want to pierce the wool! 

Lands end Parka coat review  Black

Lands end expedition coat black

As for my Expedition maxi coat in black, this is also really well made, but in a whole different way! Whilst the wool coat is a simple and elegant silhouette made from top quality wool, this cost is a whole different ballgame.

The expedition maxi coat is packed full of thought and technology; it’s 100% waterproof with sealed seams and a storm flap; it’s also down lined with an adjustable Sherpa lined hood. It has a multitude of pockets, both internal and external and it has soft and cosy knitted storm cuffs. It’s a really nice shade of soft black with a Matte cotton-effect finish and it has one  bit of branding on the outside; the simple, iconic lighthouse. Lovely! 

Lands’ End Coat review

In case you haven’t guessed! I love my Lands’ End Coats and jackets! The camel coloured wool coat is beautifully simple and elegant, it’s effortless and chic and can be worn on autumnal days. It’s the perfect smart-casual timeless winter coat which can be dressed up or down. It’s fairly lightweight, but still keeps you warm and it’s really comfortable and non-restrictive, especially on the arms and hips. It’s a really well made classic wool coat, which honestly rivals coats from much more prestigious brands charging double, if not triple the price. 

As for the expedition maxi coat in black, I am obsessed!! This is literally the warmest coat I’ve ever owned! It’s so well made and so well considered. They really have thought of everything and it looks cool! 

It’s 100% waterproof, it has a storm guard across the fastening, as well as windbreaker technology and cosy cuffs to keep the warmth in. Plus it has all the pockets you could ever need – vital if you are a mum. There’s plenty of room for your arms and hips, even when it’s fastened up and despite it being a really warm coat, it doesn’t feel too heavy to wear. 

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Lands end black parka coat review

Lands end lighthouse

As for the design, I really love the way it looks. I’ve always wanted a coat like this because they look so cosy, but I’ve always been put off by the high-shine finish. Whereas this coat has a polyester shell, but it looks more like a matte, brushed cotton so it’s a look nicer looking. The length make it look a little more elegant and your average boxy Parker and whilst it’s perfect for long dog walks or cold coastal winter walks, it can also easily be dressed up with a cute jumper and some fun accessories. 

As for the price, the expedition coat comes in a variety of colours and my black coat is £300 (worth every penny) however, the same coat in blackberry, woodland green, camel or evening blue is £120, which is an absolute steal. So good!!!! Can’t recommend enough! 

Thank you for reading Everything you need to know about Lands’ End coats *review* post. I hope it was of help and interest! If you have any questions, please let me know! This post contains gifted products. 

Lands end wool coat review