Charlotte Olympia kitty flats REVIEW! 10 years and still going strong!!


Charlotte Olympia kitty flats review

Charlotte Olympia kitty flats REVIEW

Hello friends! Today I want to do a Charlotte Olympia kitty flats REVIEW. I bought my Charlotte Olympia kitty flats over ten years ago now and in that time a LOT has happened! We got engaged, we moved from london to Margate, and then Margate to Norfolk and we even had a baby. And that whole time… my Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats have been by my side. Or on my feet… you know what I mean!

In that time the Charlotte Olympia brand went from gracing the red carpets on A list celebrities to suddenly closing and then reopening again with a more streamline collection. But still, the kitty shows are a classic and elegant pump. They have been copied many times but the original reins supreme! Today I want to tell you all about them and give you the ultimate Charlotte Olympia kitty flats review! Let’s go!

what happened to Charlotte Olympia? 

Charlotte Olympia was taking the fashion world by storm and then at her peak seemed to close the brand, fairly fast. If I remember rightly, production issues were blamed and all their stock was reduced and sold off. Annoyingly none in my size. A few years later, Charlotte Olympia bought the rights to her name and restarted the brand with a smaller collection. 

The details

  • Made of Cotton velvet
  • Vegan lining and insole
  • Embroidered kitty face in gold thread
  • Rubber sole
  • 15mm heel
  • 100% cotton dust bag
  • Shoe box is 100% recycled
  • Made in Portugal

How to style the Charlotte Olympia kitty shoes

The magic of the Charlotte Olympia kitty shoes is that they essentially black pumps with a little detail. I’ve worn mine so many times and I can honestly say they go with every outfit that you would wear black pumps with.

I’ve worn mine with everything from black tights and a black or black based dress in winter, to a vintage floral dress in the summer. They look great with all black outfits and more colourful outfits too. They can also be worn with bare legs, tights or even with cute ankle socks for a little added detail.

They also look great with more minimalistic styles, for instance if you love an oversized cashmere coat, chanel bag, with perfectly tailored black pants, the kitty shoes are streamline and simple enough to add a little whimsy to your look. The high end finish and the perfect toe shape, really make them a great addition to every wardrobe!!

Where to wear Charlotte Olympia kitty shoes

  • Weddings
  • Restaurants
  • London fashion week
  • Running errands
  • Lunch with the girls
  • Summer holiday evenings
  • Work
  • dates 
  • On holiday! 

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Charlotte Olympia kitty flats review

Charlotte Olympia shoes – size up or down?

I’ve owned around five pairs of Charlotte Olympia shoes in total, and I would personally say I found them to run around a half size small. Charlotte Olympia does half sizes, so I would be tempted to size up a half size. However, if you have petite and narrow feet you might find them a little more true to size, as I have fairly wide feet.

Are Charlotte Olympia shoes worth the money?

Personally, I think Charlotte Olympia shoes are worth the money are they are beautiful quality, wearable, durable and unique shoes. Styles like the kitty flats can be worn SO much and are a timeless iconic design at this point too. They can also be worn day or night and styled with loads of different outfits.

As for the high heels, so of these shoes are SO high and not as versatile, so you might find that you get a lot less wear out of these shoes. For me, the flats are a great fashion investment, but the heels might be worn a lot less. If you wear high heels, they might be worth it but you have to be honest about yourself because I know I wouldn’t wear them. 

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Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats review

You have probably guessed already, but I love my Charlotte Olympia kitty flats and this review will probably be pretty glowing! 

Over the years, the kitty shoes have been released in lots of different fabrics and finishes, but I have the satin. When I bought them I was worried they would be very fragile and wear super badly, but actually, I think they have worn pretty well. You can see I have clearly worn them a lot, but the satin is holding up really well. They are a little threadbare at the toe, which is a lot more Obvious in photos than when I am wearing them. So I’m really impressed with how they have worn. 

The stitching of the cats face has held up really well, as have the crystal eyes on the cat face and the gold heels at the back, also look great! The soles have got plenty more life in them and so has the leather on the inside. 

I love the fact that I can wear my Charlotte Olympia kitty shoes with a whole host of different outfits and i even wore them to my sisters wedding a few weeks ago! I was pretty pleased to be able to wear 10 year old shoes to a pretty formal wedding! So that was cool! Plus they were mega comfortable! I wore them without tights, but because it was a hot day I did plaster up my feet a little as I didn’t want to take any chances. But I can confirm, I had no blisters and I was comfortable all day long! No pitching or rubbing! 

Another thing I love about Charlotte Olympia kitty shoes is that they are really Easy to style up! They are essentially just black ballet pumps, so you can wear them with anything you would wear a simple black slip on shoe with. The cat face adds a cute detail, but when it comes to wearing them, I wear them with anything I would wear black pumps with. Which is basically everything! 

Personally I love my kitty flats. They are super comfortable, easy to style and great for basically everywhere and anywhere! I haven’t been particularly careful with mine but they still look good and I would recommend buying them if you love them. Would I buy another pair when they eventually die, yes, I would, but I think these cats have a few more lives left! I couldn’t resist the dad joke! 

oh and don’t forget to size up! And don’t keep them for best! Enjoy them! 

pros: cute, easy to style up, comfortable, playful, great for many occasions, can be dressed up or down, fashion investment which will last you years, well made 

cons: costly

Charlotte Olympia kitty flats review

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Ta da! And there we have it! My Charlotte Olympia kitty flats review! I hope this post is of help and interest! Let me know if you have any questions!