Business idea: buy a warehouse and do these things with it!

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Business idea: buy a warehouse and do these things with it!

Hello friends! I don’t know about you! But one of my favourite hobbies is dreaming up business ideas and fantasising about how I can make it work hard for me! Today I found myself thinking about buying land and how to either build a warehouse or make a business from a disused warehouse… let’s chat!

Make an indoor golf experience!

Believe it or not, but indoor golf experiences are super popular! As nice as it sounds walking the course in the sunshine, it’s not ideal if you live in a wetter climate. Indoor experiences are great for those who don’t like too much sun, or don’t want to get wet in the rain. It’s also great if you want to get a lot of practice in a short period of time. have a brilliant indoor gold experience!

Bulk buy cheap clothes and accessories and store them until them until they become vintage

Once clothes are 20 years old they are classed as vintage and the price goes rocketing up! If you were to source a lot of cheap clothes now, you could be sitting on a fortune in a decade or two!

Store other companies stock or overstock

Space is always at a premium – especially if you don’t have it! So you could ask companies if they want you to store their stock, or overstock for a fee. You would have to make the warehouse secure but it could be a great fee for very little work and expense. As long as the products don’t perish or they are a fire hazard, it could be a great money maker. This website sells scales, perhaps they need additional storage? Or a company specialising in Christmas decorations might need storage from January to October! Whatever you decide when using your warehouse for stock, make sure you have a system in place to be able to put your hand on it straight away when it is needed. This requires secure storage, number codes, and the use of shelving to stack things. This could grow quite large after a while, so make sure that you use websites such as for help when you need warehouse equipment to help keep things in line. It’s worth considering.

Caravan and tour bus storage

If your warehouse is nice and big, it could make a great storage facility for caravans, mobile homes or even musicians tour buses. These vehicles are very expensive and often a target for thieves, so a secure storage unit for them would be an amazing business venture.

Host an indoor Christmas market

Finally! You could use it to host an indoor Christmas market! You could decorate it with lights, trees and music and you could have a full festive experience with food trucks, donkey rides and sellers selling their Christmas trees, decorations, foods, hampers and more. Not only could you make money from an entrance fee but the stalls would also pay you to be there!

Thank you for reading my post! If I’ve inspired you to use your warehouse for a good new business venture, I’m so happy! And if you are interested in building a warehouse on your land for these or any other reasons, then can help you!