Barbour x House of Hackney – the collaboration of dreams! Again!

Barbour x House of Hackney

Hello friends! Today I want to share the new Barbour x House of Hackney collaboration with you! As you know, I’m a HUGE fan of the classic Barbour jacket, as well as the House of Hackney homewares. So for me this is a match made in heaven. Plus their colour palettes perfectly match each other.

House of hackney have delivered on the stunning autumnal colour palette and the beautiful classic-modern prints, and Barbour have of course given us their amazing fabrics, silhouettes and craftsmanship.

At the heart of both brands is sustainability and investing in beautiful pieces which can be worn for years, if not decades. House of hackney want you to decorate once and love it for decades and keep styling up pieces to refresh them, and similarly, Barbour encourage their customers to buy their classic pieces and reimagine them for different occasions and seasons.

On a personal note, we got Custom House Of Hackney curtains for our old house which were displayed proudly in front of a sash window, and then when we moved house, the curtains were shortened to hang over our front door and keep the cold air out. Similarly, my beloved Barbour jacket was bought second hand over 10 years ago and it’s still going strong for dog walks and windy days on the beach.

Anyway! Here’s a snippet of the collection, it’s filled with beautiful prints, waxed fabrics, fun touches (like a Barbour cape!) and lush velvet trims. Stunning!

Shop the collection here!