5 ways to bring an autumnal feel to your holiday home


5 ways to bring an autumnal feel to your holiday home

There’s nothing like a new season to give you inspiration for your interiors – the change of colours, textures and smells are great stimuli.

With this in mind, we wanted to look at five ways you could bring that autumnal feeling along with you on your October half term holidays, helping to create a seasonal retreat for you and your loved ones. 

So, whether you decided to buy one of the many static caravans for sale around the UK, or even a lodge, we wanted to show you five simple changes you could do to create an autumnal feel in your home away from home.

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Changing your cushions is a great way to add a pop of colour and create a mood within each of your rooms. Changing your cushions each season is a great way to refresh a space, and for those wanting to do it in a space-saving way, you could invest in seasonal cushion covers rather than cushions and covers combined.

Throws and Blankets

Adding a throw or blanket is another way to add not only an autumnal colour to your space, but texture too.

You could add rich cotton to your texture profile, so something warm, fuzzy or fluffy. Not only do throws and blankets offer new colour and texture to your space, they can also add pattern too. For example, try adding a patterned throw or blanket to your soft furnishing aesthetics.

Reed diffusers and candles

The changing of seasons doesn’t just bring a change in what we see and feel, but what we smell too. With this in mind, our next suggestion for adding an autumnal feel to your home away from home concentrates on the smell of your accommodation, rather than how it looks.

To bring a touch of autumnal scents into your place, why not add a reed diffuser or candle with a more earthy note, such as green leaves or apples, wild berries or amberwood. There areso many autumnal scents available for you to add to your home.

Please remember to not leave any lit candles unattended.

Faux flower arrangements

We know that the spring and summer months are filled with beautiful blooms, but why should that stop in the autumn? Thanks to developments in faux flowers and plants, faux foliage looks more real than ever before. So, why not add an autumnal arrangement to your accommodation to help bring the autumnal colours outside, in?

You could add a twig arrangement, an autumnal leaf and flower arrangement and so much more – it’s worth looking into!


Lighting is a great way to add a cosy, relaxed atmosphere to a room. With the autumn nights drawing the darkness a little earlier than those in the summer evenings, how about dressing a room with a few lights to create a cosy atmosphere in your home away from home?

You could add solar or battery-powered fairy lights to a bedroom, or even your living room area for example. Add faux candles for a romantic effect, where you can change the colour they give off with a click of a remote.

These are just a handful of ways you could bring the autumnal season into your holiday home – will you be adding any to your home away from home this year?