TEN ways to make epilating less painful – I’ve been epilating for 15 years!

TEN ways to make epilating less painful

Hello friends! Today I want to share a post about hair removal and most importantly, how to make epilating less painful. I have been epilating for over 15 years now and it’s my favourite method of hair removal. It last a good amount of time, it cheap and it’s fairly fast…. am I the only one who tries to limit the time I spend in the bathroom?! However, the first few times you do it, it can be painful, so it’s worth using a few techniques to make epilating less painful, especially if you are new to this form of hair removal!

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Do epilators hurt? I’m scared to wax!

If you have never tried epilating before, then I should probably tell you how it works. It’s basically lots of tiny tweezers which rotate around the hand held Machine to tweeze the hairs out. Most people find it less painful than waxing and it’s a lot cheaper and more convenient too. The first few times you epilate, it might be painful, but it does get less painful. I also have some good tips and tricks for how to make it as pain free as possible! Let’s go!

Why I epilate? Pros & cons!

I started epilating about 15 years ago because I got sick of shaving. I hated the frequency of shaving, the stubble you got so quick and the fact that I was constantly having to buy new razors and still getting shaving cuts and nicks. It felt like a lot of effort with a poor result.

I tried IPL but since I am pale with fair hair, it didn’t really work, plus it was REALLY expensive. Side note: if you are pale with fair hair, IPL tends to be less effective as the laser struggles to ‘find’ the hair.

Finally, I didn’t have the budget, nor the confidence to go to a salon for waxing. I’m sorry, but I just struggle with the idea of getting my bikini line waxed by a stranger and paying close to £100 for the privilege. For me, epilating was the most affordable and effective method.

How long do epilators last?

I have had my epilator for 15 years and it’s still going strong, however, I did upgrade it to a better one about 5 years ago and that’s also working great. I would expect an epilator to last about 10 years, but it could last longer!

PCOS and epilating

I was told at 16 by a doctor I had suspected PCOS. Suspected, why?! Because they rarely test for it. This means I have a lot of unwanted hair growth which is annoying and at times embarrassing. It also makes things like IPL less effective as the hair is hormonal and can often be less effective as your hair growth is a lot more stubborn.

Tips for making epilating pain free!

Invest in a fancy epilator

Epilators last for years, so treat yourself to a good one as even though it’s a fairly big expense, the more expensive machines do work faster and are less painful. I have two epilators and the first one is still working – proof they last for years as mine is 15 years old! And the second one is way less painful than the first one as it’s more modern and generally it was a more expensive and hi-tech model. I don’t know why, but the better models just hurt less. I guess because they pull less and work faster. I know it’s a big expense, but it will save you a fortune in the long run; so spend a little more to get a better machine!

Have a bath or shower before epilating

If you have a warm water bath or shower before epilating, it will help soften your hair and open up the skin pores. This not only makes epilating easier and faster, but it also makes it a lot less painful. Also, to keep your epilator clean and elongate the life of it, it’s always best to have clean and product-free skin before using it.

Also, if you are epilating in winter, try to do it in a warm room, as you don’t want to be epilating chilly!! There’s nothing worse than epilating when you have goosebumps!

Exfoliate before you epilate

There are so many reasons to exfoliate before you epilate; first of all, it will make epilating less painful, especially when coupled with a warm bath or shower. It also makes skin much more comfortable post epilation. As you are less likely to get irritation and in-grown hairs. Finally, it will help keep your epilator clean which will make it more effective and elongate the lifespan of your machine.

Pull your skin tight

I have no idea why this makes such an impact, but I promise, it’s so much less painful to epilate when you pull your skin taut! It also makes epilating faster too!

Don’t drink and epilate!

It’s very temtping to have a glass of wine and epilate, but you shouldn’t do this as it thins your blood. However, you can take a paracetamol before to help with the pain.

Use the right preassure

When it comes to epilating! There is a technique; Pressing down to hard or too loosely can make epilating more painful, so try and hold it close to your skin, without pressing down. Also, if you hold the machine at a 90 degree angle, that is the most comfortable and painless technique.

Use the lowest / slowest setting

I have two epilators and both have two settings, one which is slightly faster and one which is slightly slower. Even though the faster setting gets the job done faster, it’s a LOT more intense. So use the slower setting to take a little more time and make it a lot less painful! I have been epilating for ten years now and I still use the lower setting on more sensitive areas.

Shave a few days before – shorter hairs are easier to pull out!

ok! So this might seem like a weird tip, as it kind of defeats the object of epilating, but if you shave a few days before you epilate, it will mean the hairs are nice and short and therefore less painful to remove. It might also mean that less hairs need pulling out, which will make it less painful and get you used to the sensation of epilating.

With this in mind, it might be worth be worth epilating every few days when you first start, as the shorter hairs and frequent use will make it easier to do and get you used to epilating faster.

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Avoid sensitive skin

Next up! Avoid any and all irritated skin, this could be chub rub areas, goosebumps, rashes, pimples, anything. My advice is to leave those areas completely or gently shave or tweeze those patches instead.

Also, try to build up your epilating slowly, for instance, don’t start with your bikini line if you are new to the process. Start with your legs and then move up to more sensitive areas.

Try epilating in the shower – if your epilator is water resistant

Not all epilators are suitable for the shower, but if yours is, it’s worth using it in the shower instead. I don’t know why, but there’s something about the warmth, the open pours the running water that makes everything a little less painful. I guess in the same way that women like to give birth in water because it offers pain relief, so does epilating in the shower.

Benefits of epilating

  • No need to go to the salon for expensive waxing
  • Great if you aren’t body confident and nervous of going to the salon
  • Can be done wet or dry (depending on your model)
  • Epilators are portable, perfect for suitcases and travel
  • Cheaper than waxing
  • Longer lasting than shaving
  • No chance of nicks or grazes
  • Avoid shaving stubble – the hair regrowth is less spiky
  • Mess free
  • Little to no prep time making it faster than waxing
  • Can stop at any time and pick back up after a Rest!

Disadvantages of epilating

  • Initial cost of the machine can be expensive
  • more painful than shaving (but does last longer)
  • some areas hurt more than others

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Ta da! …And there we have it! I promise these techniques really help! Stick with it and it will be faster, easier and more long lasting than shaving and waxing! Thank you for reading my post on ten ways to make epilating less painful.