SEVEN Ideas For A Fun-Filled Sleepover With Your Bridesmaids!

SEVEN Ideas For A Fun-Filled Sleepover With Your Bridesmaids!

Hello friends! With my sisters’ wedding around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about wedding days, bachelorette parties and generally making memories! Today I thought I would share SEVEN Ideas For A Fun-Filled Sleepover With Your Bridesmaids! This could be for your bachelorette party, the night or two before the wedding, or whatever you fancy really! Let’s chat!

Bridal games

Bridal games always seem so cheesy until you actually play them and they you remember how much fun they are! Personally I love the games which are around how well you know the bride or sharing sweet memories about the bride. The games should be feel good and never embarrassing! Personally I love Etsy for bridal games and if you don’t order them until last minute, you can always get digital files and print them off yourself! This will also save you a few pounds!

Matching Robes

There is nothing cuter than a bridal party wearing matching outfits! It can be pyjamas or cute sweaters, but personally I love these Silky satin robes for women. There’s plain coloured ones as well special bride and bridesmaid ones too. They look cute and sexy, plus they will be perfect for a photoshoot… but we will talk about that a minute!

Face mask or nail bar

Next up! Who doesn’t love a pamper!? This could be anything from face mask bar or a nail bar, or both! If you really want to push the boat out you could hire a nail artist(s) to come round for a few hours so every one can get their nails done professionally, or you could just have the products ready to go and everyone could do their own! If you choose to do a face mask bar, I would recommend going for nourishing and hydrating masks rather than deep cleansing or clay masks, so everyone feels pampered and photo ready!

Hot tub

This might not aways be possible, but if you are hiring an Airbnb, try to choose one with a hot tub! It’s so fun to sit in a hot tub and chat to your girlfriends, plus if anyone wants to escape the party craziness, it gives them an opportunity to have either alone time or hang out in smaller groups.

Movie marathon

A movie marathon can be a great way to fill and evening with fun and joy! Choose movies that your friends can sing along with a quote and generally interact with. Films like Mama Mia, Clueless, Mean Girls or Bridesmaids are always big hits, plus everyone has seen them a million times before so you don’t have to keep track of the storyline!

Epic spread of food

Every party needs an epic spread of food!! Try to have good mix of sweet and savoury foods, and if you have the wine flowing, make sure there’s some stodgy party foods in there too; like chips, chicken wings and pizza! Also, it might be a nice idea to have some fruity snacks in there too, like chocolate dipped strawberries or a beautiful fruit pavlova.

Squad goal photo shoot

Finally, capture the memories with a fun photo shoot! Try to schedule it for around an hour or so into the celebrations, the aim is that everyone will have had a glass of wine or a mocktail, but not started on the pizza yet!! If you have the funds, hire a photographer to make sure you have beautiful shots where everyone feels confident, or if you or a guest knows a bit about photography, ask them to set up a soft box light and shoot away with a self timer or remote control. It might sound like a lot of effort, but these will be images you will treasure forever and you want beautiful lighting so everyone looks radiant and confident! Wear your matching robes and throw some confetti and make the photos really lively and fabulous!! It might also be fun to have some Instax or Polaroid cameras around for candid shots throughout the night and some disposable cameras! But remember, lighting is key and take LOADS of photos so everyone has shots they adore!

Ta da! And there we have it! SEVEN Ideas For A Fun-Filled Sleepover With Your Bridesmaids! I hope this post was of help! Have fun ladies!