Laura Ashley x Joanie Clothing! It does not disappoint!

Laura Ashley x Joanie Clothing! It does not disappoint!

Laura Ashley x Joanie Clothing! It does not disappoint!

hello friends! Today I want to drop by with a quick post about the new Laura Ashley x Joanie Clothing collaboration. Spoiler alert! It’s amazing!

I grew up in a ‘Laura Ashley’ household. I can remember visiting their stores with the now iconic sailor dresses on the racks. I can remember asking for a Laura Ashley dress for my birthday (I still have it! I’m hoping Mary will wear it one day!) and my bedroom was decorated with the wallpaper ‘Kate’. I had the matching curtains, which my mum later made into a dress for me. My next bedroom also had Laura Ashley wallpaper too, it had a ‘Mary, Mary, quite contrary…’ boarder, which is funny to think about; as our daughter is called Mary. Coincidence?!

When I got older and got into vintage; I would often hunt for vintage Laura Ashley at charity shops and carboot sales. The sailor dresses will always be my favourite.

Needless to say, I’ve always had a huge space in my heart for Laura Ashley and her beautiful designs. I honestly think the fashion scape would be a lot different without Laura Ashley and her wonderful prints and designs.

When I saw on Instagram that Laura Ashley and Joanie have partnered up, I literally set an alarm on my phone to remind me. I did not want to miss this! And thank goodness, they came through!! They used iconic designs, the dreamiest vintage prints and they have delivered. If it was the met gala, I would say ‘they understood the assignment’. Which they did!

I adore the matching bows and dresses, the jumpsuit is fantastic (both colourways!) and the prairie maxi dress is perfection. Plus many of the design have pockets! Yes! Pockets! But the BEST thing about this collection is that everything is made from 100% cotton. No polyester here baby! Cotton, just the way Laura Ashley herself intended it! Also, the collection comes in sizes 8-26.

so without further ado, enjoy the images and if you want to shop the collection, you can do here! Plus use my name ‘Kirsty merrett’  at check out for a refer-a-friend 15% discount. click here to shop the Laura Ashley x Joanie collection! Enjoy!