Have you seen the Lush x Barbie collaboration?!

Lush x barbie collaboration review Have you seen the Lush x Barbie collaboration?!

Hello friends! Today I want to fill you in on a very fun new collaboration… the Lush x barbie limited edition collaboration!! It’s just launched, it’s out now and it’s every bit of fun, pink-filled and fabulous and you would expect! If you are looking for a new body melt, shampoo, soap or bubble bar… this is the collection for you! And it doesn’t stop there, there’s plenty to choose from… let’s get into it!

Barbie Bath Bomb

Priced at £6 and shaped like the barbie ‘B’ logo. If you are wanting a pink, glittery bath which smells like cocoa, coconut, lemon and Tonka, then this is for you! There’s also a car shaped bubble bar too…. Just so you know!

Have you seen the Lush x Barbie collaboration?!

Barbie Body Balm

This is so flippin’ cute and it smells like sweetness and pink joy! It warms in your hands and gets all melty so it can sink into your skin. It smells like chocolate and ruby liquor! it’s so fun! Priced at £10 and perfect for giving your skin a real treat!

Barbie Pink Shampoo

Oh my! This Barbie Pink Shampoo smells SO good that it should come with a warning! Speaking of which, it actually does come with a warning, because this shampoo is so pigmented with pink that if you have very porous bleached hair, it could actually leave your locks with a pink tint! Not a problem if you ask me! It smells like strawberries, mallow and lemon juice and it massively reminds me of Snow Fairy! it comes in a variety of sizes and prices start at £9. This is one of my favourite things from the Lush x Barbie collaboration! 

Barbie Dream sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub smells like pink, lemon, lime and sweet joy. It costs £9 and leaves your skin brighter than Barbie’s!

Have you seen the Lush x Barbie collaboration?!

Barbie Soaps – boombox, handbag & shoe!

I have bundled these together, but don’t worry, they are sold as separates, not as a set. There’s three Barbie soaps to choose from; a boombox, handbag and a shoe and they all smell like sweet rhubarb & custard.

Jelly Mask

This jelly mask contains Calming calamine powder, soothing rose absolute and deep cleansing kaolin clay. Because we all need a face mask moment, this little beauty coats £10.

Watch my Lush X Barbie Unboxing video!

Ta da! And there we have it! The Lush x Barbie collaboration! Enjoy! It’s out now and you can buy it from lush online and in store! Trust me, you’re gonna love it! This post contains press samples.

Have you seen the Lush x Barbie collaboration?!