FIVE Reasons to Wear a Tiara or Crown on your Wedding day!

FIVE Reasons to Wear a Tiara or crown to Your Wedding

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about wedding Tiaras and crowns; why to wear them, how to wear them and the significance of them! If you have been tempted to wear a wedding tiara or crown, but nervous it might be ‘too much’ then this is the post for you! I’ve been a lover of tiaras for years, mainly because Courtney love was often see wearing them with silk lace gowns, I thought they were so beautiful and glamorous, so I know no matter how small or big my wedding is, a tiara will be included!! Let’s chat!

Tiaras and crowns make fabulous keep sakes

Not only do wedding tiaras and crowns look fabulous, but after the big day is over, they make an amazing keep sake too. Every time you want to be transported back to the magic of the day, just put on your tiara (or crown) and feel instantly transported back in time, even if it’s just for a moment. There’s something about tiaras and crowns which feel magical, so why wouldn’t you wear one?! It also makes a love heirloom to pass onto your children too, if you wish to have any!

They are traditional

Did you know that traditionally the first time a woman can wear a tiara is the day she gets married? Not only is it a symbol that you are entering into married life but it’s literally your first opportunity to wear one! So why not take it?

They add royal glamour

Not only are tiaras traditional, but they are synonymous with royalty, so why not add a little regal glamour into your wedding with a tiara! Also, the style tip we can all take from the royals is that they love timeless style and a tiara is timeless!

Tiaras are super flattering

Not only will a tiara make you feel super special on your wedding day, but they are actually really flattering too!

  • If you have a round face, try a taller tiara to add a little length to your face.
  • If you have an oval or long face, avoid tiaras or crowns with a tall middle peak and instead look for something which is either small and elegant to accentuate your elegant features, or go for a larger wider design which doesn’t peak, Kate Middleton favours this shape and it always looks so elegant.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a heart shaped face, then a smaller size tiara with lots of intricate detail will look really sweet and highlight your beautiful face shape. Alternatively a small crown might be a really fun option.

Similarly you can choose a tiara depending on your hair style for the day, for instance:

  • For Short hair; wear headbands or lighter more delicate tiaras that don’t require too much pinning. It’s also important to remember the band of a tiara must never be seen, so if you are struggling with the band and your shorter hair do, look for a tiara which is more of a hairband base
  • If you are planning an up sweep hair do; if you are wearing your hair up, then you might want to look for a larger size tiara to avoid it getting lost. If you have an oval or long face, look for a chunkier, wider tiara and if you have a rounder face look for something taller with a peak
  • If you are planning on wearing your hair down, then go for more of a hairband style tiara as you don’t want the band to be visible and this will help keep your hair out of your face
  • Finally, if you have coloured hair; pink, blue, bright red, you can apply the same ‘rules’ to choosing a tiara, but you can have some additional fun by choosing a tiara which has coloured stones or rainbow crystals.

For themed weddings, colourful weddings or adding whimsical fun!

Finally, if you are having a themed wedding, a tiara is a fabulous addition to your look! It might be a subtle theme like a Hollywood glamour theme or a full on Disney themed wedding, but whatever the theme, a tiara is a fun addition. It can also add a little whimsical fun to your wedding too! Alternatively, if you are wearing a coloured wedding dress, it might be fun to wear a matching coloured tiara or even a contrasting coloured tiara!

Ta da! And there we have it! FIVE Reasons to Wear a Tiara or crown to Your Wedding. I really hope this post is of help and interest! Let me know if you have any questions.