EIGHT tips for travelling solo! How to have the best holiday… ALONE!







EIGHT tips for travelling solo!

Hello friends! Today I thought I would share EIGHT tips for travelling solo! I used to travel solo a fair bit with work – including about a week in New York ALONE… just call me Kevin! And honestly, I wish I had done even more solo travelling because even though it’s kinda scary, it’s really fun! So let’s chat!

Reframe holidays!

A solo trip is different to a trip with friends or a partner, so reframe what you want to achieve from the trip… is it exploring? Relaxing? Writing?! Have a goal in mind, something to ‘work’ towards.

Also, if this is your first solo trip and you are super nervous about being alone, it might be worth considering a singles holiday, you will still be travelling alone and have alone time, but there will be other people there who are solo so there’s plenty of options for making friends. It might be a good way to dip your toe into the waters of solo travel.

Bask in the pride!

It sounds silly but bask in the pride of travelling solo! It’s brave, it’s exciting and it’s not something everyone has the guts to do! So relish the feeling!

Plan like you’ve never planned before!

When you are travelling alone there’s no one there to pick up the slack if you have forgotten something, so plan, plan and plan some more! Google lists of what you need, plan activities for each day, make copies of documents, save copies on your phone / inbox, make a list of local amenities, like pharmacies and cab firms and generally try to plan for every eventuality! Also, DON’T forget travel insurance!


Once you get there… leave room for magic!

Ok! So you planned like you have never planned before, now it’s time to have fun! The beauty of making plans is that you have a list of things you want to do, but if you get there and you don’t want to go for a 6am boat tour or visit a local art gallery, and you want to take yourself for brunch and a spa treatment instead, do that!

Just because you are solo, doesn’t mean you have to be alone!

So you are going on holiday alone?! Cool! But that doesn’t mean you have to cut yourself off from friends and family! There’s nothing wrong with texting your friends from the beach or calling FaceTiming your mum from a cafe! They will love to hear what you are up to and it’s so nice to check in with loved ones. You can even talk to your own little friend throughout the trip if you install an AI character chat bot onto your phone beforehand; this can be very helpful if you start to feel a little lonely while you’re there. Also, for an extra safety tip, give someone (or multiple people) access to your ‘find my iPhone’. Just in case they worry about you and want to check in on where you are going!

Turn your friendship light on!

Does anyone else have a ‘friendship light’?! It’s what I do when I go to new places or do new things. I guess it’s just what I think of as being warm, open, sunny, confident and chatty. But whatever it is, I turn it on and access that part of myself and it means I have fun chats wherever I go!

Don’t be afraid to tell people you are travelling solo

Ok, so whilst you might not want to announce it to the creepy man starring at you on the train that you are travelling alone, but personally I like to tell the hotel staff that I’m a solo traveller. I’ve just always found them to be a little more friendly, helpful and like they are taking me under their wing a little more. Similarly, if I’m in a cute vintage shop, I might tell the girl behind the counter (if we get chatting) that I’m travelling alone and where should I go for dinner or ask if she has any other places I should go! Women are a great source of info when it comes to dining advice solo!

Embrace this time of self love

Travelling solo is basically an act of self love! It’s giving yourself permission to have fun, experiences, magic for YOU. Not for anyone else, just for you! So embrace it! Go to the super cool ice cream shop, take yourself out for dinner, book that spa treatment! What’s the point of being there if you aren’t going to really treat yourself! Oh and my advice, buy yourself something special whilst you are there, to remind yourself that you went on holiday solo and you had an awesome time!

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