7 Tips to Help You Stay Organized While Traveling


7 Tips to Help You Stay Organized While Traveling

Do you need practical methods to maintain control and organization of your belongings? Traveling can pose challenges when it comes to staying organized. Constantly on the move, exploring new destinations, packing/unpacking, and staying in unfamiliar accommodations. Try the tips below and you’ll find yourself more organized on your journey.

How to Stay Organized While Traveling?

#1 Use a Packing List

Before grabbing your suitcase from the closet, it’s always wise to create a packing list. But what if you’re already on the road? Consider printing a duplicate copy and standing it in your suitcase. This way, you can cross-check it against your belongings while traveling, ensuring nothing gets left behind. When you’re packing up at the end of a delightful vacation, tick off items as you neatly return them to your luggage.

#2 Use Packing Cubes

Packing cube sets are essential for organizing your travel bag effectively. For years, I’ve relied on durable eBags packing cubes to separate clothes, toiletries, and accessories. By utilizing packing cubes, you can easily transform your suitcase into a neatly compartmentalized closet, simplifying the unpacking process at your destination.

#3 Declutter Luggage Regularly

Eliminate the burden of clutter! Before calling it a day, take a few minutes to declutter your bags, purses, backpacks, and briefcases. Discard food wrappers, packaging, paper scraps, flyers, brochures, and magazines.

It is worth noting that while traveling, we are in a high-risk zone. To minimize it, you need to set up a VPN. If you install a VPN on your iPhone, you can protect yourself from many types of cyber threats: phishing, DDoS attacks, data eavesdropping, etc. Your iPhone is not secure enough by default. Use VeePN and you’ll achieve a pretty good level of hacker resistance.

#4 Keep Your Travel Details Handy

Make sure your travel details are easily accessible. You have several options: use an app like TripIt, sync files to the cloud with Dropbox or Evernote, or keep an index card or small notebook.

I prefer a small notecard which includes my itinerary, accommodation, confirmation numbers, and other logistics. It eliminates the need to rely on the internet or device power. Whichever method you choose, having all the information in one place saves time and avoids the hassle of searching for key details when you’re at a reception desk or trying to figure out your airport schedule.

#5 Know Your Itinerary in Advance

When you travel, it’s important to stay organized not only with your physical belongings but also with your mental state. Before you embark on your trip, consider utilizing a service such as Google Maps to gain a general understanding of your destinations.

You’ll be able to locate airports, train and bus stations, hotels, convention centers, scenic attractions, and more. While not foolproof, having some familiarity can be beneficial.

#6 Get the Right Travel Wear

If you have some extra money, consider investing in durable and high-quality travel apparel. These specially crafted garments provide convenience, safety, and peace of mind. They feature carefully designed pockets and compartments that allow you to securely store passports, cash, and valuables on your person. By the way, if you buy it online, use the VPN extension to protect your data. It is especially important to protect payment transactions and a VPN is ideal for this.

#7 Hang Your Toiletries

Keeping all those small travel items organized and easily accessible can be a challenge for anyone with a large toiletries bag. However, there is a solution—a hanging version. It allows you to hang it open in your hotel room, giving you a full view of all your toiletries at once. And when you need to, you can simply zip it up and store it away.


When we travel, we move out of our comfort zone, and this is inevitably associated with the loss of some control. However, you can still stay organized if you heed the tips listed. With them, your belongings will always be at your fingertips and securely protected from loss.