5 Budget-Friendly Fashion Tips for Poker Tournaments

5 Budget-Friendly Fashion Tips for Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments are the place to go all-out with fashion styling, costumes, or whatever your fancy, to express yourself although this can be expensive. Poker stars are known for their signature styles. Those big sunglasses and hats do not come cheap! But fashion doesn’t have to break the bank, and style doesn’t have to come at the expense of your paycheck.

Certain fashion items in poker are used to exact certain strategies – sunglasses to cover the eyes from bright lights, or big jackets and hoodies to hide body parts, shielding opponents from observing your body language. 

Fashion also helps players of all abilities to feel confident in their game. Having a signature look or even a lucky accessory can aid poker players in feeling prepared in tournaments whether they are online or in person. Having a routine is gospel to some players, and dressing confidently often plays a big part in winning tournaments and bluffing, as you only look as good as you feel! 

Starting to feel confident in your fashion can be hard, in the same way preparing for tournaments can be with conjuring up a game plan. Just like fashion, your in-person strategies can be adapted according to your opponents. For online players, consulting the beginner guides available to help you win your first online poker tournaments is the perfect way to build up your confidence and your game virtually.

To also help you up your fashion game, here are 5 budget-friendly fashion tips for poker tournaments!

1: Mix and Match Outfits

Mixing and matching is pretty much a key passage in the fashion bible. We have been doing it for generations. For a poker tournament, finding your main staple piece is the starting point for building your poker wardrobe with strategy in mind.

If you’re someone whose eyes are the window to their soul, for example, investing in some big, reflective shades will help keep you focused. Choose a neutral colour you like or a signature colour, and you can build your style from that.

A good place to find big, inexpensive shades is on online clothing sites, such as Asos or Boohoo. If you’re betting on black, focus on dark colours as the base for your outfit, and you can collect your shirts, hoodies, trousers, and shoes from there.

2: Thrift vintage pieces to style up your wardrobe.

Thrifting clothing has become popular since the movement against fast fashion, and secondhand clothing is in! A Google search for ‘poker clothing’ brings up plenty of resale and budget-friendly sights for poker fashionistas to browse. Good places to start are independent sites like Etsy where you can find very niche and unique clothing and accessories to spice up your wardrobe.

Even better, the London-based sustainable fashion sell and buying brand Depop allows users to find vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces for a fraction of the label price. Depop boasts an impressive search algorithm, allowing poker players to search for a particular poker clothing brand if they wish, filtering out their price options, colour, and even the condition of the clothing. 

This is great for those who may be into their poker fashion brands, or who will use the algorithm to their advantage to find their statement look. Of course, just remember the price is your most important factor, so make sure you have your price filter selected before embarking on your search.

3: Rent your outfits to fit specific dress codes

Depending on the game or level you play at, different poker tournaments may have different dress codes, with some being black-tie. If this is the case, splurging on a suit or an evening gown is not the smartest idea. Renting an outfit is the perfect way to feel glamorous on a budget, even if it still feels like a dear price tag. There are plenty of fashion sites that specialise in dress rental and suit rentals. 

These sites can be explored to suit your budget and while many offer bespoke outfits from designer labels, there are many that work for a lower price tag. After all, who wants to spend lots on an outfit you’re probably only going to wear on Instagram once?

4: Use a discount browser extension

We all love a good high street sale, but the reality is they’re not always on, and you don’t always know when they’re going to happen. Plus, these aren’t efficient when you have a tournament to go to and have nothing to wear! Online shopping guarantees a faster, stress-free shopping experience for most where discounts can still be added. This tip might be glaringly obvious, but sometimes traditional discount codes don’t work, so you bring in the big guns.

Installing a browser extension that automatically applies valid discount codes to your basket will save you money in the long run. Honey is a great example of a safe browser extension that can be added to different operating systems that include lots of stores.

For independent poker brands, this may not be the best choice, but well-known online retailers often do accept Honey, although when adding your poker fashions to your cart, check first if your chosen browser extension supplies codes for where you’re shopping.

5: Invest in a good pair of poker-friendly shoes

While this may not initially be kind to the budget, a good pair of shoes given for any poker tournament is a must especially if you’re in the big leagues. A good pair of trainers or flat shoes are needed for long days sitting at the table. If you’re at a sit-and-go tournament, you’ll need to be able to move quickly! Depending on if you’re a sporty or a casual person, finding a worthy poker shoe may take some time, but it will be worth it Who says you can’t enjoy budget-friendly items?

Fashion is subjective, and just like your shoes, it should be comfortable, wearable, and reflective of your personality.