Renovating your house? You need to know about Laundryheap!

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Renovating your house? You need to know about Laundryheap!

Hello friends! Today I want to have a quick chat Laundryheap.  I WISH I had know about this service when I was renovating and tbh, it would have been super helpful when Mary was a newborn too… which is why I’m not going to keep it a secret, I’m going to share the information with you all! Let’s go!

Our renovation laundry story

If you are doing a big house renovation you might find yourself living without basic amenities for periods of time. With both this house and our last house, we did a LOT of work and with both projects we were without water, fridge / freezer and heating for a considerable time. It can be really hard, especially in the winter, but one of the toughest parts can often be the day-to-day struggles like the laundry. In our old house we were without a washing machine for a year and with this house, we were without a washing machine for about 5 months. When your house is cold and everything is covered in builders rubble, it can be pretty soul destroying when you don’t even have clean clothes to put on. Sometimes, it’s the little things!!

With both renovations, we relied on service washes for our laundry; not only was it CRAZY expensive, but it was also really inconvenient as there’s not many places who offer this service, so we would have to drive around 5 miles to both drop it off and pick it up each time. It would take them around a week to do a bag of laundry and it was shockingly expensive. PLUS if you have never tried to drag a weeks worth of washing across town because there’s no local parking, you’re lucky. Laundry is HEAVY! I’ll never forget the time we paid almost £50 for a bag of laundry. WHAT?!?!?!  Not only that, but we often would have to book time off to drop off and pick up the laundry, so I kid you not, when I say it was the bane of my life!!

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Newborns & Laundry

Similarly, when you have a baby, those first few weeks and months are SO hard. You have so much to do and so little time. Between feeding and recovering, it can be impossible to do even the small tasks like laundry and cleaning. If I was to do it all again, the advice I would give myself is ‘ask for help or pay for help’. It’s such a short period of time that they are newborn and I wish I hadn’t worried about cooking, cleaning and laundry at this time. I wish I had focused on me, Jon and Mary. If you don’t have friends or family in the area to help, then it’s worth knowing about Laundryheap, as it could be a big help!

Laundryheap review

SO! Let’s chat about Laundryheap shall we!? Basically, it’s a door-to-door 24 hour laundry service. It’s super quick and easy to book, it’s more cost effective than any service wash I ever used and you can choose between having your laundry washed and dried (the cheapest option), washed and folded (the dream) or dry cleaned (very useful!). It’s super easy to schedule your pick up and it’s back with you before you can blink! Perfect for those times when you simply don’t have the time to do it, or you are struggling with a new born or a renovation. I honestly wish I had known about this service as we used to pay a lot more, wait a lot longer AND we would have to drive fairly far to drop it off and pick it up! If you are interested, go look at their website and see their services and prices, it’s all super clear and transparent!

Anyway! I hope you find this Laundryheap review helpful, as I know it would have been a service I would have used and I think others will find it useful too! Let me know if you have any questions, thank you for reading!