OUT NOW! SHRIMPS x DAISY London Jewellery collection!

SHRIMPS x DAISY London Jewellery collection!

SHRIMPS x DAISY London Jewellery collection!

Hello friends! I hope you are well! Today I want to share a super exciting new jewellery collaboration! I am so excited for this one, it’s SHRIMPS x DAISY London!

I am sure you all know about Shrimps fashion brand already, they launched onto the scene around 10 years ago with their amazing multicoloured fan fur jackets and since then they have been known for their super cute designs and playful use of fabrics and materials. In fact, their beaded bags have become one of the most-wanted IT bags, especially for weddings. They are truly adorable and they have been on my Wishlist for years now!

Anyway, a couple of days ago Daisy London released their collaboration jewellery line with Shrimps and I AM OBSESSED! Think cute charm necklaces and bracelets, woven designs, pearls, flowers and vintage trinkets. It’s all so cute and wearable, plus because it’s made in collaboration with Daisy London, it’s all sustainable and super high quality.

SHOP The collection here or click the images below to go directly to the product pages! Also, if you want to read a full review of Daisy London jewellery, I have one here!

“Daisies are one of my favourite flowers & I’ve been collecting antique charms for as long as I can remember, so this collaboration felt like it was meant to be.”

– Hannah, Shrimps founder

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