Nest Candle Review: Coconut & Palm

Nest Candle Review: Coconut & Palm

Nest Candle Review: Coconut & Palm

Hello friends! Today is cold and gloomy which means I’ve lit a scented candle as I cosy up on the sofa with Mary! I’m currently burning Nest’s Coconut & Palm and I have to admit, it’s stunning! Even for someone who doesn’t usually go nuts for coconuts, there’s just something about this scent I LOVE! Let’s do a Nest Candle review!

What does Nest ‘Coconut & Palm’ candle smell like?

‘Crushed coconut and sparkling bergamot are mingled with rich amber over a base of vanilla-infused musk’


  • Nest candles are available at Sephora.
  • Priced at around £45
  • Burn time 50-60 hours
  • Trim wick before use
  • Allow the entire top layer of wax to melt each time you use to avoid tunnelling

Nest ‘Coconut & Palm’ candle Review

If you are new to Nest candles, then before we get started, I should probably let you know they are one of the most loved luxury candle brands in the USA. Candle connoisseurs adore them for their beautifully blended fragrances, high quality ingredients, incredible throw and beautifully potent scents which really fill the home. Their quality is truly incredible and you won’t find a candle (or a diffuser) which fills your space better than Nest do. They are exceptional!

Nest Coconut & Palm candle is part of their Summer 2023 collection and true to it’s word it’s wonderfully tropical and coconut-y. It’s filled with sweet, warm coconut, woodsy palm trees and soothing resins and amber notes. It smells like summer holidays; sand, sea, sun cream, spas, cocktails, pastries and warm evenings. It is the perfect balance of being sweet, fun, creamy and joyful, as well as being fresh, woodsy and elegant. It makes you home smell warm and wonderful, and whilst it packs a punch and really fills the space, it’s never overpowering and intrusive.

If you love coconuts, you will LOVE this candle. It’s truly the best coconut candle I’ve EVER smelt. It’s stunning!  And if you are like me and generally avoid coconut scented candles, then give this candle a go next time you are passing a Nest stockist! I think you will be surprised because it’s delightful and elegant, and not like any other coconut scent I’ve ever smelt.

Ta da! And there we have it! My Nest ‘Coconut & palm’ Candle review. I hope you love this candle as much as I do! This candle contains press samples and affiliate links. Also make sure you check out their Christmas candle collections which are also fantastic!

Nest Candle Review: Coconut & Palm