My favourite children’s films to watch with a toddler

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My favourite children’s films to watch with a toddler

Hello friends! Today I thought I would share some of my favourite films to watch with Mary. I figured out fairly fast she wasn’t really into cartoons, instead she likes to watch real children, so these are some of our favourite films to watch as a family, or as i like to call them, toddler films … whilst there are a couple of cartoons. She’s all about the live action! Let’s go!


From the first watch she was mesmerised! Children, singing, dancing! She loves it! And often starts dancing along with the little girls! It’s very cute! My fave song is probably ‘easy street’, hers is ‘your never fully dressed without a smile’


I loved this film as a child and whilst it’s possible she’s watching it for me, I think she’s into it!! I loved Jodie Foster as a child, she was so cool in this film!!

The railway children

A lovely film to watch in the evening. Very sweet and wholesome. I like it because the interiors and outfits are stunning!

Swallows & amazons

She loves this one and often tries to do owl calls with the children. It’s very sweet.

The parent trap (1961)

Again, I loved this film as a child. Hayley mills is so cool and the interiors and outfits are fabulous too! She loves it when they put on a show at the dads house and often dances along with them. Very cute!

Sleeping beauty

One of the few animations she seems to enjoy. It’s a beautiful film!

The little princess (1939)

I put this on for her as I loved it as a child and actually, she really loved it! Especially the tap dancing scenes. You forget what a lovely film it is!

Bedknobs & broomsticks

She likes this ones for the songs. She’s not wrong!

Mary Poppins

Again, she likes the songs. She’s not into this one as much as Annie (Annie is her fave) but she seems to quite like it. Not the bank scene though… that’s a bit scary!

The little mermaid

Finally… another animation! I put this one on for her because I like it, but it seems to be a bit of a winner. I guess she likes the music. Not as much as she likes the Annie music… but enough!

Beauty & the beast 

Im talking about the animated version. Great songs, beautiful images. She loves it!!

bon voyage Charlie Brown 

This was a fave of mine when I was a child and Mary seems to love it too!

race for your life Charlie Brown 

same for race for your life Charlie Brown. Both were made in the 70s and both are wonderful!!

The Aristocats 

Mary loves this film SO much! The songs! The piano scene! It’s just so good!!!! It’s not one I had seen before we had Mary, but it’s lovely! 

…and there we have it! I’ll let you know when we find more great toddler films , but these are the ones which seem to capture her attention the most at the moment! I hope it’s of help if you have little ones!

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