Meet the maker: Amy Exton, Mosaic Artist

amy exton mosaic artist bespoke splashback

Meet the maker: Amy Exton

Hello friends! Today I want to introduce you to one of my friends; Amy Exton. I know Amy from my time living in Margate, she’s an interior designer, location house owner and mosaic artist… and a sweetheart!

When we bought our new house, I asked Amy if she would be interested in making us a bespoke splashback for our bathroom and the next thing I knew, we were discussing so many cool ideas I couldn’t resist… I ordered two! After all… two pink sinks require two fabulous bespoke splashbacks!!

Amy Exton mosaic artist

Amy Exton mosaic artist splash back bathroom pink

Rose mosaic 

The first splashback Amy designed for us was the Rose motif for the downstairs cloakroom. If I remember rightly, this design came together super quickly. One minute we were discussing vintage florals and the next she was suggesting a rose with softly clashing shades of pink and red with a classic boarder and a pop of green for the leaves. Simple, vintage-inspired and striking. She drew it up for me to approve and I knew it was perfect! I love the way she mirrored the curved edges of the sink with the curved corners of the splashback, added a boarder and used tiles which would perfectly compliment the pink shade of the sink. Amy’s attention to detail is always spot on!

Fun fact; when my guests ask to use my bathroom, I always find myself saying ‘it’s just through the kitchen, past jon’s office and straight ahead. Don’t forget to admire my splash back!’. 

Amy Exton makes every single mosaic herself, cutting each individual tile (often into intricate shapes like a scallop, which you can see in the swan feathers) and jigsawing them together using traditional techniques. The overall effect is striking and beautiful, but when you look closely, the finer details are super pleasing too!

Amy Exton mosaic artist splash back bathroom pink

Swan mosaic 

The second splashback she made was the swan motif for our en-suite bathroom. She had so many good ideas for this bathroom and I literally loved them all. Then one day we were chatting about how cool a flamingo mosaic would be, but the length of the legs wouldn’t work with the landscape orientation of a splashback, so Amy suggested soft pink swans with an heart in the middle and I instantly KNEW that was the one! She added some extra magic into the design; like the mirrored gold beaks and the iridescent checkerboard background and boom! The rest is history! It’s even more perfect than I could have ever imagined and at every time of the day it looks different, the gold beaks really come alive in the afternoon sun, where as the iridescent tiles in the background look fabulous under electric lights at night. It’s SO good!!!

Amy is a real stickler for details, which I LOVE, so everything was perfect with both of my splash backs; The design, the size, the colours. Every single detail is divine. There’s not a single thing I would change about either of them and they are such a joy to look at every day.

Anyway! I hope you like my splashbacks as much as I do! Let me know if you have any questions and if you are ever thinking about having a custom mosiac made for your home, shop or restaurant, you should get in contact with her! she’s amazing! You can find her on instagram @amyexton

Amy Exton mosaic artist splash back bathroom pink

Amy Exton mosaic artist splash back bathroom pink