A No-Pressure Guide To Falling Back In Love With Fashion

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A No-Pressure Guide To Falling Back In Love With Fashion

For whatever reason, not everyone is interested in fashion. It may be that they used to care about being fashionable but that stopped after having children (quite understandably!), or perhaps they never felt comfortable in keeping up with the latest trends anyway – they preferred the timeless staples that worked for them.

Of course, there’s no obligation to keep up with fashion. Doing so could save you a great deal of money, help you avoid feeling as though you’re not good enough without a stocked and renewed wardrobe, and let’s face it, sticking to the timeless classics and simple clothing items is so much simpler and easier.

Yet dipping your toe back in fashion shouldn’t feel like an obligation, but a fun and enjoyable avenue of self-expression. There are no tests to pass here, only the chance to truly showcase who you are and how you like to look. No approval is needed except for your own.

So, instead of telling you what to wear, let’s consider a no-pressure guide to falling back in love with fashion in the best manner. We’re sure this will have a profound effect on your sense of well-being:

What Are Your Goals?

It’s wise to curate small fashion goals, because they can serve as the necessary stepping stone towards taking action. Maybe you’re tired of your current footwear, and want to purchase some great new boots. Perhaps you’d like to start wearing dresses again. Perhaps you have a formal event you’re hoping to attend, and so learning about the style of the area, the fixtures that work best, and what colors match your eyes can be a great step forward. From there, you can look to advice online or even hire a stylist to take those beginning steps.


Experiment With Vibrant New Brands

Having fun with fashion means learning about the fashion scene, and the cool players on the market at the moment. From the clean designs of about:blank clothing to the new indie pop stories refreshing vintage styles in your city, the more you can look outward and see how tastemakers are developing style, you can have fun deciding which is most appealing to you, and step forward from there. In other words, you don’t have to invent style for yourself 100% of the time – look outward and see what the dedicated creatives are up to!

Do A Full Wardrobe Inventory

Over the years, it’s very easy to develop a complex wardrobe environment fitted with the best clothes here, the strangest accessories there, outfits half-remembered, and clothes that might not fit. It can’t hurt, then to look back into your wardrobe and consider its best arrangements. Here you might donate or even sell old clothes through apps like Depop. A full wardrobe inventory helps you learn what statement pieces you’re missing, or which styles you’d like to wear more of. You may even remember how you used to dress and enjoy a nostalgic smile. At any rate, this approach helps you plan more easily for the future.

With this advice, you’re sure to fall back in love with fashion; all at your own pace.

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