Top 5 Wedding gifts for bridesmaids

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Top 5 Wedding gifts for bridesmaids

Firstly, congratulations bride to be! Of course, your wedding is yours and your other halves special day but it’s nice to give your bridal party a gift they will have to always remember your fabulous day. 

Vintage Jewellery

One of the best bridesmaid gift ideas is a piece of vintage jewellery. The possibilities with jewellery are seemingly endless: bracelets, earrings, brooches etc. With a large range of gemstones to choose from you can tailor your items to match the person, for example giving a pendant that contains each of your bridesmaid’s birthstone. Or if you love the particular symbolism behind a certain stone, such as the sapphire often being associated with calming and restorative properties, you can match the stone accordingly for the different personalities of your bridal party. Keep in the theme of your wedding by matching a gemstone with your wedding colours for example if all your bridesmaids are in red why not find matching pieces – a ruby or use the gemstone as the common feature amongst the different items, with some bridesmaids getting earrings, another bracelet or pendants depending on their personal style. Vintage jewellery is not only a great gift but a great investment for your bridesmaid as precious pieces become increasingly hard to locate the bridesmaids will appreciate this rare and unique token. 

Photo books

A sentimental gift idea would be getting each bridesmaid their own photo book with your memories together over the years. A completely personal gift that reminds you why you’ve chosen your bridesmaids. It doesn’t have to just be from you – include hand written messages from family and friends of your chosen bridesmaids to make it extra personal and remind them of how wonderful they are. Fill it with good memories and thanks for all the memories shared together. Not only is this a lovely gift to give but a lovely opportunity to reminisce and be grateful for each member of your bridal party. Get creative and decorate the book, use their favourite pressed flowers, colours and stylish stickers throughout. Remember to leave room for the wedding pictures in the book.

Gift cards

If you’re struggling to pinpoint a particular item for someone, a gift card can be a saviour. Whilst you could find a gift card for most people’s favourite shops, why not get consider a spa treatment or afternoon tea voucher that they can look forward once they’ve fulfilled their bridesmaid duties and they have some serious post wedding blues. You could book something more adventurous like a zipwire or an evening out like tickets to a show. You can tailor each gift depending on each bridesmaid or choose a fabulous treat the whole bridal party can enjoy together. If you are struggling, speak to their family or other friends for recommendations and make note of any shops you know they frequent or activities you know they’d love to do but haven’t got round to yet.

Personalised items

Put your own stamp on a great wedding gift and make it extra special by personalising it to commemorate the wedding. From Champagne glasses with everyone’s names to cosy dressing gowns with the wedding date on the possibilities are endless. Decorate with your wedding colours or tailor each item to the bridesmaid’s individual style. Get crafty and embellish the items yourself or include your bridesmaids in the designs and spend time together creating your personalised wedding merchandise. Find plain mugs, glasses, slippers, t shirts, dressing gowns, coasters, notebooks, phone cases etc and go to town decorating with names and the wedding date. What is great about personalised gifts is that they can get use both at the wedding and after but will always remind the bridesmaid of the big day.

Pamper kits

It can be a stressful experience being a bridesmaid – not everyone is as keen to walk down the aisle in front of everyone as you may think. So why not ease their nerves and gift a pre-wedding pamper pack, including bath salts, face masks and their favourite chocolates. You could get more creative with the gifts depending on what your bridesmaids like, for example give a book, a perfume that will always remind them of the day, make up or nail varnish that’ll match their bridesmaid dress. Gifts can be totally individual to each bridesmaid but the idea is you’re giving them something they will appreciate in the run up to the wedding. 

Your bridal party have been in your life long enough to grant them a role in the most special day of your life – share the love, thank them for being a part of your day and gift them with something they will have to always remember your wonderful wedding. 

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