The Podcasts who read Celebrity Memoirs so you don’t have to!

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The Podcasts who read Celebrity Memoirs so you don’t have to!

hello friends! Have you noticed? Celebrity memoirs are HOT right now! Why? Because they give you an honest insight into the lives of celebrities; how it started, how it’s going and how they got there. Plus they often spill tea too! They are a ‘peek behind the curtain’ and it’s fascinating!

I started listening to these podcasts after I read the Jessica Simpson memoir; Open Book. Seriously, if you have not read this book, you need to. I never was interest in Jessica Simpson but I was told how good this book was and OMG, it did not disappoint. It’s SO flipping good; funny, smart, touching, insightful, surprising and holy sh*t, the tea is hot. IF you thought Jessica is a Britney bot from the 90’s who is long forgotten, then think again! I went from not knowing a single JS song, to being her BFF through the power of this book. Anyway, that’s all to say, that’s why I started listening. Now I love listening to all these podcasts and sometimes I find myself buying the book and listening to the full version too. But it’s good to know which memoirs are worth reading and which are not.

After all, not all celebrity memoirs are made equal and sometimes you want to listen to the hour long highlights rather than the full 8 hours. Want to know my favourite Celebrity memoir podcasts… let’s go!

Celebrity Memoir Book Club

I think this was the first Celebrity Memoir Book club podcast to launch which features celebrity memoirs. It’s hosted by Claire and Ashley who are real life comedians and best friends. They read the books and spill the tea. If you want the celebrity gossip, they give it to you and they also give their own interpretation of it too. They always say if you just want the facts, then read it yourself, because they give the facts with their opinions.

Episodes to look out for include Prince Harry, Matthew Perry and Danielle Bernstein (of whowhatwear fame). They have also just done an episode on Caroline Caroways book, if you are interested in her. I would say this podcast is probably the one which spills the most tea and calls out the celebrities the most; especially if they don’t think they are telling the whole truth or skipping important bits.

Celebrity Book Club with Steven & Lily

Celebrity Book Club with Steven & Lily is SO fun! I find myself hooting out loud at this podcast, it’s a true joy! They feature the ‘big’ celebrity memoirs, as well as lesser considered ones; like Brooklyn Beckhams photography book, Jewels poetry book or Drew Barrymores heart themed photography book. For books like these they have a bit of a laugh and take whatever wisdom they can, but for the more juicy books they go deeper. They also use the books as a bit of a conversation starter between each other. Which sounds unnecessary, but trust me, this is what I tune in for. The Lauren Conrad, Brooklyn Beckham and Eminem episodes were particular highlights for me.

Steven and Lily are long time BFFs and so much fun to hang out with every week and cackle at them discussing who’s a ‘top’ and who has buddhas in their garden, this is the podcast for you. Oh and they often have first hand celebrity tea alongside what’s in the books… just so you know!

Celebrity Book Club with Chelsea Devantez

Finally, Celebrity Book Club with Chelsea Devantez is probably the most ‘serious’ of all the celebrity memoir podcasts. Chelsea is a true enthusiast who dives deep into the ups and downs, traumas and triumphs of the books. She’s here to learn and grow and wants her audience to as well. This is the podcast if you want a real deep recap of the book and you want to process the books like therapy.

Chelsea takes celebrity memoirs very seriously, but don’t worry, there’s still some gentle tea! The Jeanette McCurdy, Demi Moore and Mariah Carey episodes were especially good!

TEN Celebrities who have written amazing memoirs

  • Open Book by Jessica Simpson.
  • I’m glad my mom died by Jennette McCurdy
  • The Meaning of Mariah Carey by Mariah Carey
  • Yours Cruelly by Elvira
  • Inside Out by Demi Moore.
  • This will only hurt a little by Busy Phillips
  • We’re Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union
  • Hello, Molly! by Molly Shannon
  • Paris The Memoir by Paris Hilton
  • Finding Me by Viola Davis

What celebrities books are coming out in 2023?

If you are big into celebrity memoirs and want to know what’s coming out this year, then read this post from Town & country magazine, but the big ones are Love Pamela by Pamela Anderson, Elliot Page’s Pageboy and Minka Kelly’s Tell me Everything. But I’m sure there will be more in the second half of the year too! But let’s be honest, the book we are ALL waiting for is the Britney Spears Autobiography.

Ta da! And there we have it, The Podcasts who read Celebrity Memoirs so you don’t have to! Although, there are certain celebrity memoirs that you need to read as an hour long podcast, just isn’t enough! Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any celebrity books you love!

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