Welcome to my vegetable garden! Video tour & what we are growing!

fashion for lunch vegetable garden

Welcome to my vegetable garden!

Hello friends! today I thought I would share a video tour of our vegetable garden and share what we are growing – or hoping to this summer!!

I’ve never had a vegetable garden before so it’s really exciting and it’s been a lot of fun getting my hands dirty in the soil and shopping for plants, seeds and tools. Plus I’ve learnt a lot already. This summer we are hoping to figure out what works for us and then next summer maybe we can grow different things or streamline it a little to only focus on what we enjoyed growing… let’s go!

What we are growing

Rhubarb – We have planted this in flower beds. The big leaves are beautiful and it’s comes back every year!

Garlic – I’m not sure I would do this again, it’s taking forever to grow! I planted it last november and it’s STILL not ready!

Tomatoes – We have planted a variety of toms in grow bags. Grow bags are a brilliant option if you only have a balcony or a limited space, or even if your raised beds are filled with other stuff. We have staked them and they are against a wall. Apparently they like walls for warmth and support?!

Chilli’s – we have popped these in grow bags too

Courgettes – I LOVE courgettes so I have planted oodles of these! Fingers crossed we get some good ones!!

Radishes – I’m not really a fan of radishes but apparently they are delicious roasted and you can eat the leaves as salad leaves. Plus they grow fast, so I figured I’d give them a whirl! So far they are super fun to grow!

Spring onions – I planted the seeds, let’s see what happens!

Carrots – I planted the seeds, let’s see what happens!

Beetroot – I planted the seeds, let’s see what happens!

Strawberries – I love strawberries so I figured I would pop a couple of plants in

Blueberries – I bought a couple of bushes last year which did nothing, but it can take them a couple of years to mature, so fingers crossed one day we get some. It’s good to plant a few bushes as they need each other to pollinate.

Blackcurrant – Why not?! These also can take a couple of years to produce fruit, but I figured I would get them in now even if we don’t have any for a couple of years!

Honey berries  – I hadn’t even heard of these until a few months ago, but I thought it would be fun to grow something that you can’t buy in stores! These also can take a couple of years to produce fruit, but I figured I would get them in now even if we don’t have any for a couple of years!

Salad – I would recommend anyone gives salad a go! It’s SO quick and easy to grow! One pack of seeds can give you enough salad for the entire summer and it’s so fun to grow because it’s quick! Plus you keep picking it and it keeps coming back!

Butternut squash – I just bought a plant and I figured I see what happens!!

Cucumbers – I hear these are fun and super delicious to grow, so I bought a plants and I thought we would see what happens!

Wild garlic – I bought these spouted on eBay and I thought I’d see if I could get a bit of a patch of them so I can have my own supply of wild garlic!!

Peas & Beans – I’ve grown a fair few peas and beans, I honestly can’t remember which ones, but a mix of broad beans, sugarsnap peas, runner beans… again, I’ll see what happens! Also, I think I made my frame too small, so I might have to make them bigger later on this season!

I hope this has been of help! Let me know what you are growing this summer!


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