Vegetable garden update!! What’s growing and what’s not!

home grown radish

Vegetable garden update!! What’s growing and what’s not!

Hello friends! I hope you are well! I am back with a vegetable garden update! I’m SO excited! THINGS ARE GROWING!!! In fact, we have even started eating vegetables that we grew ourselves! It’s so cool! There is nothing like that smug feeling of picking your vegetables from your garden and serving it up 10 minutes later for lunch. Smug. AF.

fashion for lunch norfolk vegetable garden

I filmed a video update, so you can see what’s going on, but if you want the highlights, the cucumber plants have died and the lettuce and radishes are giving me life!

I’ve really thrown myself into my new hobby and it’s a pretty steep learning curve, so hopefully this year we can experiment and see what works for us and then next year we can focus on what worked and what we loved growing. Either way, it’s a really nice way to spend out time at home and Mary LOVES being in the garden, so it’s a win win!

We are hoping to make some more updates to the garden soon! Including planting some more bulbs for the spring, some rambling roses and hopefully getting a circular bench to go around a tree too! And the best part… Jon has promised me a hammock with a stand!