Jo Malone Candles: Review & ultimate guide to the entire collection!


Jo Malone Candles: Review & the ultimate guide to the full collection!

Hello friends! As a self-confessed Jo Malone addict, today I want to give you the ultimate guide to the entire candle collection! I’m talking all the collection, all the fragrances, plus the prices, sizes and pots! It’s going to be a good one… so buckle up! Let’s go!

The townhouse collection

The townhouse candles are glorious!! You will know them by the beautiful bisque porcelain pots they are housed in and their fragrances which are inspired by moments around the home; baked treats, green houses and evenings around an open fire. I love the collection, but it is worth mentioning that these candles are more expensive, £94 for a 300g candle. Each candle has a burn time of 70 hours. And the fragrances you find in this collection you won’t find as matching colognes. Also, these fragrances come as diffusers, if you prefer.

Fresh Fig & Cassis Townhouse Candle

Uplift the mood with the warmth of ripened figs. Hints of leaves and trees intermingle with just ripened figs lovingly embraced by the sun. One of my personal favourite candles. 

Lilac Lavender & Lovage Townhouse Candle

Soothe the senses with tranquil lavender. The calming scent of lavender blends with the aromatic greenery of humble lovage.

Glowing Embers Townhouse Candle

Cosy up next to the glowing embers of a log fire. Flames crackle, pages turn, and the comforting scent of glowing embers fills the room.

Pastel Macaroons Townhouse Candle

Bask in the sugary warmth of afternoon tea. The sweet aroma of almond tarts, freshly baked scones and pastel macaroons means it’s time for afternoon tea.

Green Tomato Vine Townhouse Candle

Energise the home with the fresh tang of vine grown tomatoes. The rich, green aroma of sprightly tomato plants warmed by the afternoon sun. I love this candle so much! If you only buy one candle this summer, this should be it! 

Wild Berry & Bramble Townhouse Candle

Enliven the spirit with the fresh juiciness of red berries on a brambly bush. A fragrant tapestry of thorny shrubs and arching brambles, brimming with red berries.

Jo Malone 'Pine & Eucalyptus' Candles & Home Fragrance Collection 

The Christmas Candles – Limited Editions! 

As you might expect, these candles are only available at christmas, they sometimes come in a variety of sizes, as well as a diffuser and they are generally re-released every year, although there are often additions and omissions. For instance, some years we see Roasted Chestnuts, which is a stunning christmas candle, and other years we don’t. So if you have a particular favourite, it might be worth stocking up. Generally we see the Pine & Eucalyptus Home Candle and the Orange Bitters has popped up a lot recently, but there are no guarantees!

White Moss & Snowdrop Christmas Candle

Snowdrop petals peeking through powdery snow, greeting forest-fresh moss, iridescent under winter sunlight. Create a luminous atmosphere with a smooth and crisp scent.

Orange Bitters Christmas Candle

A delectable winter’s cocktail of juicy sweet orange, a splash of bitter orange and the creamy warmth of sandalwood. Inspire a sensual atmosphere with a zesty citrus twist.

Pine & Eucalyptus Christmas Candle

Bursting with the festivity of aromatic pine and enlivening eucalyptus. Make the air merry with the scent of Christmas morning. This is my favourite christmas candle! The except the Chestnut candle which makes a rare appearance some christmases!

Jo Malone London 'Iris & Lady Moore' Charity Candle

Limited edition treats

Once in a while we see limited edition treats from the brand, right now there is a candle with the chef, François Piège. This is a wonderful kitchen candle, inspired by fine food, but it won’t be along for long…

Violet Leaf & Bergamot x François Piège

A seamless fusion of two worlds. Fine food and fragrance meet to create a unique scent for the home. A bright burst of bergamot – reminiscent of Earl Grey tea – is dressed with the green freshness of violet leaves, cocooned in a unexpected note of warm, fluffy rice. A really exciting candle as this was their first candle designed to freshen the room after cooking! 

Garden charity candles

The Jo Malone charity candles are not only beautiful to look at and enjoy, but they also give a beautiful gift to many people around the UK and Ireland. For each candle sold, Jo Malone london donate 75% of the RRP (minus VAT) to the Shining a Light on Mental Health Foundation. This charity, with the help of Jo Malone create beautiful gardens around the Uk to help bring peace and and therapy to those who use the gardens. Each candle is decorated to reflect the scent and each one is priced at £55 for a 200g candle which gives 45hours of burn time.

If you are shopping for a gift (or for yourself) I would urge you to consider one of these candles over a classic fragrance, as these help donate funds to a really wonderful charity.

Elderflower & Gooseberry Charity Candle

Create a comforting atmosphere with the scent of delicate elderflower buds harvested from the hedgerows on a cloudless morning. Their floral notes are complemented by hawthorn and mixed with the tartness of summer-green gooseberries.

Lily Of The Valley & Ivy Charity Candle

Bask in the gentle delicacy of lily of the valley. Sparkling cassis and green ivy gives way to delicate lily of the valley and decadent narcissus.

Peony & Moss Charity Candle

Add a contrasting touch of the dainty and the dirty. The gossamer lightness of delicate peonies grounded in earthy green, is both verdant and delicate. My personal favourite of the collection, although they are all stunning! 

White Lilac & Rhubarb Charity Candle

Delight in the vibrancy of a summer garden in early bloom. Tart and vibrant rhubarb cuts through soft lilac, sensual rose and sun-loving heliotrope.

Iris & Lady Moore Charity Candle

Get lost inside an English country garden. Noble iris, powdery and poised, mingles with the freshness of geranium and stems of lush vetiver grass.

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Jo-Malone-London-English-Oak-Redcurrant-candle-home-perfume-cologne-review Jo-Malone-London-English-Oak-Redcurrant-candle-home-perfume-cologne-review

The Classics

When you think about Jo Malone candles, the classic candles are probably what springs to mind. Those dreamy clear pots with the cream labels and simple black print, effortless, perfect and they smell incredible. These candles are £55 for a 200g candle and many of these scents come in larger sizes too.

Lime Basil & Mandarin Candle

Float away on a cool tropical breeze. Peppery basil and aromatic white thyme bring an unexpected twist to the scent of limes.

Pomegranate Noir Candle 

Enliven the atmosphere with a warm and sensual glow. Juicy pomegranate and smoky Guaiac wood carried on the warm evening air. A fan favourite! Always a good gift, especially in the winter months. 

English Pear & Freesia Candle 

Mellow the mood with the autumnal scent of a ripening orchard. Orchards of ripe pears and cool, white freesias.

Peony & Blush Suede Candle 

Bask in the flirtatious opulence of peonies in full bloom. The rich textures of an extravagant English ballgown shimmering in candlelight.

Orange Blossom Candle 

Lift up the mood with sparkling, floral blooms. Sunlight shimmers over blossoming orange trees in a garden oasis.

Grapefruit Candle 

Uplift the mood with zesty grapefruit. Rosemary, peppermint and pimento add perfect piquancy to grapefruit’s bright and sunny nature. Beautifully fresh 

Mimosa & Cardamom Candle 

Float into a mist of golden, honeyed mimosa. The spiciness of freshly crushed cardamom mingles with mists of golden, honeyed mimosa.

Red Roses Candle 

Fill the air with a bright burst of freshly cut roses. A voluptuous blend of exquisite roses with a hint of bright lemon.

Basil & Neroli Candle 

Enliven the mood with a flirtatious floral. Sweet neroli with a delicious wink of basil, quintessentially British and always playful.

Blackberry & Bay Candle 

Enjoy a burst of tart blackberry with the freshness of just-gathered bay. Childhood memories of blackberry picking in an autumnal wood.

Wild Bluebell Candle

Bring the delicacy of fresh spring bliss into the home. Luminous sapphire flowers gently blooming in a shaded, secluded woodland.

Honeysuckle & Davana Candle 

Fall into the flora and fauna of the wild countryside in full bloom. Honeysuckle flowers elegantly winding along a country path on a sultry evening.

Nectarine Blossom & Honey Candle 

Energise the spirit with a playful and fruity scent. A succulent peach plucked from a market stall in the early morning sun.

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Cologne Intense Collection

The cologne Intense collection is a smaller collection of fragrances which are themed around more exotic accords and richer, rarer and often more intense and long lasting ingredients. These candles are £65 for a 200g candle and you will know them by the black jars they are presented in.

Myrrh & Tonka Candle 

Enrich the atmosphere with a captivating warmth. The golden sap of the Namibian myrrh tree harvested in the desert mingles with warm vanilla notes of the tonka bean.

Lavender & Moonflower Candle 

Embrace the evening with a soft, serene scent. Aromatic English lavender nestles among a cocooning note of white musk and night-blooming moonflowers.

Velvet Rose & Oud Candle 

Retreat into a decadent sanctuary with a warm and intoxicating scent. The velvet texture of the darkest Damask rose in full bloom. One of my favourites! An absolute treat! 

Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Candle 

Calm your spirits with a sensual mood. Kyara wood incense fills the halls during a ceremony inside an ancient Japanese temple.

Oud & Bergamot Candle

Lose yourself in the hypnotic notes of a rich and mysterious scent. Mysterious, smoky oud radiates with the clarity of crisp bergamot and warming cedarwood. Stunning, especially if you are shopping for a man. 

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The Huntsman Collection

Thus far there is only one candle which has been created from the Huntman collection, but here’s hoping there will be more in the future. The Huntman collection is a mens fragrance collection all inspired by fieldsports, log fires, evening cocktails, tweeds and old fashioned grander. 

Whisky & Cedarwood Huntman Candle 

Set a warming atmosphere with an enigmatic nightcap of fine whisky and elegant cedarwood. A daring fragrance for the small hours. One of the few I have never tried!! 

The FIVE Jo Malone Candles I think you should try….

Finally, I just want to do a round up of the five Jo Malone candles I think you need to try… this is a mix of fragrances and moods, but all are amazing and I think you will love!

  • Green Tomato Vine Townhouse Candle

  • Velvet Rose & Oud Candle 

  • Blackberry & Bay Candle 

  • Peony & Moss Charity Candle

  • Oud & Bergamot Candle

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PHEW! OK! I think we have them all! Your ultimate guide to Jo Malone candles!! I really hope it’s of help! Let me know if you have any questions! This post contains affiliate links. 

Jo Malone candle rose blush limited edition

Jo Malone candles FAQ 

What is so special about Jo Malone candles?

Jo Malone candles are so special because they are the ultimate treat for yourself or a loved one. Their candles look timeless and chic and their scents are elegant, potent and always make you feel special. Make sure you always burn the candle so that the top layer of wax melts completely to avoid tunnelling and don’t ‘blow’ them out, instead snuff them out by replacing the lid. 

What are the most popular candles in Jo Malone?

The most popular Jo Malone candles are Pomegranate Noir if you are looking for something cosy, rich, warm and for winter’s evenings. Wood sage and sea salt is another big seller for people who like something fresh and coastal. Lime Basil Mandarin is a perfect summer day time candle, it’s great for a kitchen and Green Tomato Vine Townhouse Candle is the ultimate fan favourite! It’s a little less well known, but the true fans adore it! 

How long does Jo Malone 200g candle burn?

a Jo Malone 200g candle has around a 45 hour burn time. It’s important to always let the top layer of wax burn before you blow the candle out, as this will help you to avoid tunnelling, which can be a huge waste of wax and decrease your burn time. 

Are Jo Malone candles any good?

Yes, Jo Malone candles are lovely. They look beautiful, smell fabulous and their scents really fill the room. They are a wonderful gift to yourself or others. 

What perfume does Kate Middleton wear?

That’s an easy one! Kate Middleton is famed for wearing Jo Malone London’s Orange Blossom Cologne and even wore it on her wedding day! Read my review here!