Five things you need to know about Chanel shoes review

Five things you need to know about Chanel shoes

Five things you need to know about Chanel shoes

Hello friends! Today I want to share Five things you need to know about Chanel shoes. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to buy a fair few pairs of Chanel shoes and I want to share a little bit of love for them and a few things to look out for when you are buying yourself a pair.

Also, by the end of this post, I’m hoping you will get a Chanel shoe and boot review, as well as know how much you can expect to pay for Chanel footwear and get a sense of the quality and how well they should last. Ready? Let’s go!

They are great quality & comfortable

First up! I just want to let you know, in my experience, Chanel shoes are great quality. I have four pairs and some of them are pretty old now but they have all lasted well and have plenty of life left in them.

I have a mix of shoes and boots and different finishes and I can honestly say, they are all great quality! The leather is study and hard wearing, the embellishments have lasted really well and the insides are leather lined and meticulously finished.

As for the comfort levels, I have always been really impressed with how comfortable they are. They aren’t as slim fitted as other designer brands, which is amazing and they have comfortable soles. They are designed to be worn and you really can wear them all day long!

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Choose an everyday style

Chanel shoes are comfortable and they are designed to be worn. So whilst you might be drawn to the display with the high heels and rhinestones, I would honestly recommend going for an every day style pair which you can get plenty of wear out of. Chanel have so many classic and iconic pairs of flats and low heeled shoes to choose from, so no matter if trainers, espadrilles, ballet pumps or classic boots take your fancy, I would recommend choosing a pair which you plan on wearing lots. Shoes this good shouldn’t be worn once in a blue moon!

Pregnant? Or hoping to be?

This is something I wish I had thought about, not just for my Chanel shoes but all my shoes. My feet grewMy feet grew a lot in pregnancy and then haven’t gotten smaller post Partum. Some people say you loose a tooth and gain a shoe size per baby, and I’m inclined to agree! So if you are thinking about buying a pair of Chanel shoes and also thinking of trying to get pregnant, I would advise you to either wait a while and buy them postpartum, or if you are between sizes, I would recommend sizing up.

Of course, if you are so wealthy this isn’t a worry for you, then go wild and you can always buy another pair at a later date, if you need. But if you are like me and this is a big purchase that you plan on wearing and enjoying for years, then I would recommend thinking about either delaying your purchase or at the least buying a pair which is roomier, rather than tighter hoping they will give. Some of my Chanel shoes still fit me postpartum, but some don’t. 


Should I Size up or down when I buy Chanel shoes?

Personally, I find that Chanel shoes are fair true to size and the width is pretty standard too. Which I love, as a lot of designer and luxury brands have really narrow widths, which is really annoying. But whilst Chanel don’t have generous widths, they also aren’t narrow fitting. In terms of sizing, I would say they come up fairly true to size, but if you are a half size, then you are more likely to go up, rather than down.

The only exception is the espadrilles which come up really small and you will need to size up one if not one and a half sizes. They come up super super small!

They are timeless designs

Next up, they are timeless designs which have been in style for decades, so unlike other designer brands who’s styles go in and out of fashion… hello Gucci mules, Chanel shoes will style stylish for many years to come. This is another reason why I would strong recommend choosing a pair you will wear plenty rather than a shoe you plan to wear for one fancy occasion.

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Ta da! and there we have it!! Five things you need to know about Chanel shoes. I hope this is of help and interest! Also, below i’m going to share a few tips, tricks and FAQ about Chanel shoes… enjoy! 

Five things you need to know about Chanel shoes

Where to buy second hand Chanel shoes?

Chanel shoes do tend to keep their value fairly well, but it’s still possible to get a bit of a preloved bargain when it comes to Chanel shoes, as a lot of people get the ick when it comes to second hand shoes. Personally, I don’t mind and I’m always happy to save some money.

If you want to buy a second hand pair of Chanel shoes I would recommend trying the following stores for authentic preloved Chanel:

Are Chanel shoes expensive?

Yes. Chanel shoes are expensive. However, unlike some luxury shoes they are super comfortable, well made and timeless designs. Plus if you ever decide they are no longer your style, they do sell well on the preloved market. They might not go up in value like some of the bags or jewellery, but you will get a good portion of your money back. Which is worth considering if you are thinking about buying yourself a pair. 

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Are Chanel shoes worth the money?

Whilst Chanel shoes are expensive, they are classic designs, comfortable and made to last. If you have a dream pair of Chanel shoes which you are desperate for, then they are worth the money as it’s likely you will get a lot of wear out of them. However, I would advise you to buy a pair which is flat or has a very low heel so you can wear them lots and I would also say to buy them in a material which will last well – for instance, leather rather than velvet. Compared to shoes like Louboutins which are more ‘special occasion’ AKA you rarely wear, I think they are worth buying, if you have the money. It’s also worth looking on the preloved market if you want to save a little money. 

Do Chanel shoes run big or small?

Chanel shoes run a little small in length, around half a size, but they are fairly standard in width. This is with the exception of the espadrilles which run very small in size and it’s worth sizing up at least a size if not a size and a half. 

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Five things you need to know about Chanel shoes mary janes