Everything you need to know about choosing the right flooring for your office ad

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Everything you need to know about choosing the right flooring for your office

Hello friends! Today I want to have a good ol’ chat about one of my fave topics… flooring! Over the past few years we have thought long and hard about flooring and done everything from laid carpet, stripped floorboards, paint and waxed floorboards, used natural carpet, installed tiles and restored 200 year old pamments. When it comes to flooring, there’s a lot to think about! Especially when it comes to your office.


In our old house I had stripped floorboards which had been painted white. They looked beautiful and reflected so much natural light, which was amazing for photography, but there were some disadvantages; first of all, the white paint did chip and had to be repainted frequently. Not only that, but if I did any painting or crafting, every single mark and stain showed up on them.

In our new house, we have natural coloured floorboards which have been varnished which are much more forgiving when I’m crafting and the paint doesn’t chip, but they don’t reflect light in the same way. Also, all rooms with floorboards tend to be a little chilly, especially in the winter, as the cold air comes up from the cellar. That being said, I would always recommend a hard floor for a home office.


This is a controversial one! But in my opinion, a carpet is the worst flooring you could lay in a home office. If you have a creative business it’s very likely you are going to ever evolving with your needs and carpet will hold you back! Not only will it damage easily if you are doing any craft or paint projects, but it will also be less practical for photoshoots. Instead, go for a hard floor and you can always cosy it up with rugs!

Concrete flooring

You’d be shocked at how many houses have concrete floors on the ground floor. So instead of paying to lay carpet, tiles or floorboards over the concrete, it might be worth saving yourself some money and looking into industrial floor treatments instead. Not only will it look good and give your home office and utilitarian feel, but it will also be the perfect base for creative projects and photoshoots.


Tiles can look stunning in a home office, but they can be a little chilly in winter because they are porcelain or marble and be expensive to lay. Also, it’s important to check that you have solid base or strong floor joists underneath the tiles. As if there is too much ‘bounce’ the grout between the tiles could crack and spoil.


Just a quick shout out to rugs here! If you go for a hard-flooring option; concrete, floorboards or tiles; then rugs are a brilliant way to add coziness, design and texture to the space. They are easily cleaned and can be moved around for shoot days or paint projects. Plus, if you are filming for YouTube or recording for a podcast, rugs are a brilliant way to absorb sound and make the audio sound better.

Thank you for reading my post on Everything you need to know about choosing the right flooring for your office. I really hope this post has been of help and interest to you! Please let me know if you have any questions! This post is a collaboration.