Will I regret this EXPENSIVE home decor decision!? Pink Bathroom Suite Review!

vintage mirror gold pink bathroom suite

Will I regret this EXPENSIVE home decor decision!?

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about my pink bathroom and if I think I will regret it or not. EEK!

Coloured bathroom suites were a huge interiors trend in the 70’s and 80’s, in fact, nearly every home seemed to have either a pink, blue, lemon or avocado bathroom suite. Coloured suites were kind of the default… until the 90’s came along and kicked those cute colours in the butt.

When I started to think about coloured bathroom suites (partly inspired by The Rose Hotel in Deal) as well as my love of scrolling Airbnb & Rentola UK, it was honestly a bit of a challenge trying to find one. Of course, I could have hit up eBay or Facebook marketplace for a second hand one and got to work scrubbing off decades of old poop (sorry to be gross, but let’s be honest here!) or I could SPLASH the cash on a brand new pink suite from Burlington Bathrooms.

To cut a long story short, I did end up getting the pink Burlington Bathroom suite. In fact I got two! No joke, one for our en-suite bathroom and one for our cloakroom. What can I say, it was my birthday gift and I got carried away!

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The funny thing about this suite is everyone seems to think it was inherited from the previous house owner and I decorated around it. Honestly, I wish this was the case as this suite was expensive… I’m talking £1000 for a single pink toilet and that doesn’t even include the seat! It was around the same for the sink and I got two toilets and two sinks. You do the maths. I can’t face it! 

Press play!

I don’t doubt if we ever came to sell the house, the new owners would rip out my pink toilets in a heart beat, but honestly, that’s their decision and we don’t have any plans to sell this house any time soon. Mary is 15 months old and I’m hoping she will go to the village primary school, so my plan is to stay in this house until Mary is at least 10/11, but if we have to move for high schools, I guess we will think about it then.

Will I still love my pink toilets in 10 years?! I think so! They have been in for 6 months already and I’m not even a tiny bit bored of them yet, in fact, I love them even more than we did when they were first installed!

The way I see it, I might get bored of the pink, but I can decorate the bathroom in different colours to reinvent the pink, and if I’m still bored of them after that, then I can remind myself that white toilets are boring too. So no biggie!

pros of a pink bathroom:

  • it’s a talking point
  • it’s joyful
  • it’s not like anyone else’s
  • it’s got retro charm
  • it makes wallpaper really pop!

cons of a pink bathroom

  • It’s expensive
  • it’s not worth it if you are planning on selling the house any time soon!!
  • people will assume it’s an old bathroom
  • it’s harder to get replacements if / when parts break!

Sure they were expensive, but so is life and it’s fun having a pink shrine to sit on whenever I need a poop! Thank you for reading my pink bathroom suite review!!

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