New video: Thrift store haul

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Thrift store haul!

Hello friends! Today I want to show you what I’ve found at the charity shops and second hand shops recently. Charity shop shopping is one of my favourite things to do in life, so I’m always super excited to share my finds!  hope you enjoy the video! Press play, give it a watch and let me know if you have any favourite items!

I have been thrifting and vintage shopping for over 20 years now and I honestly think of it as one of my favourite things to do! I don’t know if thrifting can be classed as a hobby, but it feels like one to me! I have thrifted around the world and it honestly makes me so happy! It’s also saved me an absolute fortune over the years!

I buy a lot of my clothes second hand as well as homewares and furniture. And more recently, I have been shopping for children’s clothing too, as we had a baby 2 years ago. I’m proud to tell you that about 95% of her wardrobe is made up of second hand and hand-me-downs. Pretty amazing right?!

My best tips for thrift shopping:

  • Thrift regularly
  • keep an open mind
  • Look for items for others, as well as yourself
  • don’t be afraid to clean items
  • follow vintage accounts to get your ‘eye in’
  • Don’t expect items to be dirt cheap
  • compare items to how much you would buy them for if they were new
  • donate your old stuff
  • have fun
  • experiment with new styles you wouldn’t normally buy
  • go in mid week
  • have a rummage
  • if in doubt, buy it
  • have a Google to see if there’s any local stores you didn’t know existed

Why thrift shop?

  • I love rummaging
  • I love finding unique things
  • I love vintage
  • It saves me money
  • I can experiment more with my style
  • I can treat myself even when I don’t have much money
  • it’s really fun!