My honest review of my Cath Kidston Backpack

Cath Kidston Backpack review uk

My honest review of my Cath Kidston Backpack

Hello friends! Today I want to do a review of my Cath Kidston backpack. I wanted to chat about this bag because it’s a great weekend bag for a mum. I know a lot of my handbag reviews are generally about my designer and luxury brands, but today I thought I would mix it up! If you like it, let me know and I will try to do more!! Anyway! Today we are going to chat about price, quality, how to look after your Cath Kidston bag and So much more! Let’s go! 

Cath Kidston Backpack review uk

My Cath Kidston Backpack 

I got my Cath Kidston backpack a while ago now, but it’s only recently I have been using it as an ‘everyday’ bag rather than a ‘once in a while’ bag. Now that I’m a mum, I tend to carry more stuff around with me and I love being able to put a bag on my back and have my hands free. I know you can do that with a cross body bag too, but quite frankly, cross body bags kinda get in the way when it comes to carrying her, so I find a backpack much easier. 

There are lots of backpacks to choose from at Cath Kidston, but mine is the iconic sailing boats print (I’ve always loved this print, I think it’s SO cute for the summer) and I have it with a drawstring and flap closure and the canvas is untreated. They also have plenty of other designers, like a zip around or more of a square backpack and they are lovely too, but for me, I wanted one which reminded me of my backpacks I had as a child and I wanted the untreated canvas, because I like the way it looks. I figured because it’s a navy blue, it might hide any stains or marks better than a pale coloured bag.

Cath Kidston Backpack review uk

Can you wash Cath Kidston backpacks?

Some Cath Kidston backpacks are machine washable, like the polyester ones, but the canvas and coated canvas backpacks are wipe clean only. 

What size is a Cath Kidston backpack?

Cath kidston backpacks come in a variety of sizes, but the original and most popular backpack is around 39cm × 28cm. 

Cath Kidston Backpack review uk

Are Cath Kidston bags durable?

Yes! Cath Kidston bags are loved by their fans and mums, because they are so durable and hardwearing, Many of the styles can be wiped clean and the prints and really good at distracting the eye away from stains and marks. These bags are built for years of heavy wear and are perfect for storing food, drinks, crayons, toys and everything else you might need and never breaking. They are tough bags which are built to last! 

Are Cath Kidston bags worth the money?

Yes!!! They are totally worth the money and if you ever decide you don’t use it any more or you don’t like the print, you can always sell it and make a good portion of your money back! Some of the older prints become rare and valuable! 

The details you need to know! 

There are many Cath Kidston backpacks to choose from, so please consult the website before you shop, but my Cath Kidston backpack has two front zip pockets, which is super handy for my phone, money and keys. I’ve also seen mums use them as cup holders too. There’s also a zipped section on the back of the bag which sits against your back. This is a pocket I tend not to use that often, however, if I was on holiday to somewhere touristy or busy, this would be amazing for hiding away passports, money, wallets etc. I’m always really nervous about being in busy places with a backpack, is that just me!?

On the inside of the bag there is a few slip pockets, but mainly it is just one big open section which ties up with a draw string and then has a buckle which is held together with a popper. It’s easy to access, fits in lots and really handy for days out. 

Cath Kidston Backpack review uk


I can’t remember how much my Cath Kidston backpack cost, but usually their backpacks are around £50. They do sometimes go on sale, so it’s worth keeping an eye out on their sales and they also have a Bicester Village store which is great too! Personally, I think they are well worth £50, they are cute, practical and durable. A brilliant mum bag! 

Cath Kidston Backpack Review 

Personally, I think a Cath Kidston Backpack is a brilliant mum bag. Backpacks are SO handy for mums, especially if your baby is still at an age where you need to carry them. This bag is really well made and it’s really durable, so I don’t have to worry it’s going to break on me, but also, it was affordable enough not to have to worry about it like I do some of my other bags. I have a really cool Moschino backpack, but sometimes when I’m throwing it in my boot or shoving my groceries in it, I can feel a bit guilty that I’m ruining it and I will regret it later, where as my Cath Kidston bag was designed for that!

Also, I didn’t think about this at the time, but because my bag is canvas and it’s a vintage style print, I actually think it looks quite nice a little more ‘worn in’, if anything, I think it looks better now than when it was new! As for marks and stains, I’m not gonna lie, if you look closely, you can see there’s some marks on it, but you honestly wouldn’t notice because the big beautiful print detracts the eye away from any marks and the print is really forgiving in general. 

I don’t want to offend anyone with my next point, but I personally prefer the Cath Kidston bags which are canvas or cotton, rather than the oil cloth or coated canvas designs. I totally understand why they are popular and I think they are brilliant because they are wipe clean and super durable, but personally I do prefer more of a ‘unfinished’ cotton like this. I think it looks cuter and because I wear a lot of vintage clothes, I don’t mind when it looks a little more scruffy and ‘worn in’ because most of my wardrobe look this way anyway! 

Personally, I think the Cath Kidston backpacks are a brilliant mum bag; it’s durable, affordable, cute and goes with pretty much every outfit! I would recommend thinking about a backpack rather than a nappy bag too, I think you will get a longer life out of it and it’s way easier to carry! 

Thank you for reading my Cath Kidston backpack review! I hope it’s of help and interest! Let me know if you have any questions! 

Cath Kidston Backpack review uk

Cath Kidston Backpack review uk