Liz Earle Summer Sale: the FIVE products you need to buy!!!

liz earle cleanse and glow skin care

Liz Earle Summer Sale: the FIVE products you need to buy!!!

Hello friends! Today I want to share the five best products in the Liz Earle Summer sale! I’m case you don’t know, there’s a huge summer sale at Liz Earle right now and I thought I would show you my five fave things up for grabs! Let’s go!

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Cleanse & Glow Cleanser

Whilst Liz Earle are known for the Iconic Cleanse & Polish (which is also on sale!) I bloody love the Cleanse & Glow Cleanser because it can be used with or without a cloth, which is great for me as I have quite sensitive skin postwarum and I try not to use anything to abrasive on it, including cloths. Also, this cleanser emulsifies with water so it’s great as a luxe cleansing product, but also, if you just want to use it as a quick and easy in-shower cleanser, it works for that too! 

Cleanse & Glow Moisturiser

Legit the best moisturiser I have EVER used! This is the reason why I have stopped using foundation! This moisturiser somehow manages to even out my skintone, give me hydration, glow and general radiance. It’s incredible!!! I honestly don’t understand how it’s so flipping good, but it’s incredible! Seriously! No. Foundation. Needed!! Read more about the range here


All Liz Earle perfumes are amazing and IMO, unsung heroes!! In their summer sale, their perfumes are 30% off and I can’t recommend you to treat yourself enough!! Personally, I adore Botanical Essence no. 100 for a stunning rose, orange blossom and jasmine fragrance. But also, Botanical Essence no. 15 is stunning if you like a more complex spicy gourmand fragrance. It’s fabulous and is often compared to Tom Ford fragrances… at a fraction of the price! 

Shampoo & Conditioner

An unsung hero of the Liz Earle Collection has to be the haircare collection. I usually shy away from natural haircare products as even though I know they are better for my hair, I enjoy the things that come with sulphate-filled products, like that ‘clean’ feeling and lather. You get all of that with Liz Earle, only it’s natural so it’s doing good things! If you don’t believe me, give it a go! 

Cica Restore Paste

Finally, one of my all time faves from Liz Earle, I LOVE this Cica Restore Paste! It’s the most wonderfully hydrating and nourishing face mask ever. I use it a couple of times a week as an overnight mask and it’s truly incredible if you have dry and sensitive skin. It’s calming, soothing, balancing and so nourishing. Absolutely incredible!


Ta da! There we have it! Liz Earle Summer Sale: the FIVE products you need to buy!!! This post is organic, however it contains affiliate links and I am working with Liz Earle on sponsored instagram content. 

liz earle cleanse and glow skin care