Five things you need to know about Parks London

Have you heard of Parks London Candles? Let’s chat!

Five things you need to know about Parks London

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about Five things you need to know about Parks London. This is one of the most known brands in the uk, that you’ve probably never heard of… intrigued?! you should be! Let’s go!

Parks London was founded in 1989 by Carol Symons. They own their own factory in Hartlebury Village, where they make candles and diffusers. 

They were one of the first brands to make all their candles from 100% natural wax and make their room fragrances and diffusers free from alcohol, which is the base ingredient for nearly all liquid based home fragrances. 

The brand has pioneered Coreless Cleanburn® Technology to ensure each of their candles are core-free for a super clean burn and consistent fragrance throw without tunnelling.

Not only do they make their own Parks London range, but they make home fragrance products for a lot of your favourite brands too. They won’t say Parks on them, but they will be made by Parks, using all their top quality ingredients and feature another brand on, who are probably selling their candles for a hefty price tag! 

With this in mind, it’s worth noting that Parks London candles are really affordable, especially considering you are probably paying more for a Parks Candle with another brand name on! Just saying!!! 

See more Parks London products here! This post contains gifted products. 

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