Why am I posting on YouTube again?

Can you make money on YouTube with less than 10,000 subscribers?!

Why am I posting on YouTube again?

Hello friends! Today I wanted to share a few reasons why I’m posting on YouTube again. As you might have noticed, I had a baby a year and a bit ago and one of the hardest things to do with a newborn, is survive. Let alone make YouTube videos.

There’s so many steps involved in making a YouTube video and pretty much overnight, I went from prolifitc to MIA. And even though it’s the most time consuming form of content creation, it’s the one I missed the most.

I’m finally ready to hop back on the YouTube wagon and today I thought I would share why! If this post inspires you to hop on YouTube too, please do and if you fancy watching any of my videos, you can at www.YouTube.com/labelsforlunch.

It’s SO fun

I love making YouTube videos; it’s fun, unscripted and once you’ve posted you really feel like you are having a conversation with people. The comments I get on YouTube might be less than those I get on Instagram, but they mean so much more.

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YouTube content is evergreen

Whilst YouTube content is time consuming to make, I do love the fact that it’s evergreen. I have videos I made YEARS ago which still get views, where as I have Instagram posts I made earlier this week which are already gone forever (in the algorithm sense of the word, not that I deleted them). It’s nice to know if you work hard on a video, it could be seen for years to come!

You can make Adsense revenue

I’ve talked about this a fair bit recently as I know it’s something people are interested in, but with YouTube you can make Adsense revenue just by posting and getting views. No other platform does that and it’s pretty cool! I shared my YouTube lifetime earnings here as well as how much I made on youtube when I had just 5000 subscribers, which I think is a really good post to read if you are thinking about starting a channel as it shows you how much you could make with a fairly small audience. 

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You don’t have to be concise

With Instagram reels, tik tok and shorts you have to be super quick and concise. And whilst I love watching content like that, I also love a slower paced video which is less snappy. It’s nice to have more of a causal chat and relax. It’s like talking to friends with a hot chocolate. rather than doing a magic trick.

If a video doesn’t ‘do well’… it’s ok!

Here’s the reality, some videos do well, others don’t. The same goes for all platforms, not everything has to go viral, not everything gets ‘good’ engagement, some things might not be of interest to many people and that’s ok! There’s something about YouTube where you feel like views, likes, popularity isn’t being judged. You’re just there, doing your thing and having fun! It’s nice! And who knows, maybe over the next 5 or 10 years it will do well, just very slowly over time! Who knows?! But either way, it’s all ok!

Videos make the best memories

I don’t know what it is, but I love looking back at old videos more than I love looking back at old pictures. It’s so nice to be able to look back at old videos and be transported back to the moment. Sure, I’ll probably never rewatch a QVC x Elemis unboxing from 2018 again, but I might go back and watch our old house tour or videos of Mary as a baby. It’s nice to have those videos live on the internet for my family and friends to see, and for me, in case I ever loose my phone! Sometimes I wonder if I would make so many videos if I wasn’t ‘an influencer’ and then I think how glad I am that I will have them to look back on and how lucky that is!

And there we have it. Why I’m posting on YouTube again! It might not be the most lucrative platform, or the easiest and fastest, but it’s so much fun and I couldn’t keep away too long!

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