The Vivienne Westwood brooch DUPE you need to see!!!!

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The Vivienne Westwood brooch DUPE you need to see!!!

Hello friends! I hope you are well! Today I want to share a post about a pretty amazing Vivienne Westwood Dupe brooch. I honestly think this orb-a-like is one of the best I’ve ever seen… let’s chat!

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you might know that I have a pretty hefty Vivienne Westwood jewellery collection and I used to own so much of the clothing I was once complimented on my look and asked if I worked there! No joke! In fact, I was such a big fan, I used to even be invited to the annual friends and family sample sales! No joke, these events were legendary!!! They were incredible! Anyway, my point is, I know my way around a Vivienne Westwood store and I am VERY good at spotting fakes. However, when I saw these orb dupe brooches recently, I was mega impressed. They are good. Like really good. So I thought I would share them with you as I know not everyone can afford the real things, especially right now. 

I actually found three different brooches I thought were pretty good dupes, the little studded brooch, it looks like a seasonal piece and it’s a smaller size if you want something a little more subtle. The bow brooch is also pretty good and very similar to one I used to have myself. Again, this is a really good brooch if you want something a little more subtle. Finally, the classic orb brooch is the one I would personally recommend. It’s pretty amazing! It looks VERY good, I know it’s not authentic, but this one might almost fool me. 

Go Shopping!

…And there we have it, The Vivienne Westwood brooch DUPE you need to see!!!! This post contains affiliate links. 

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