SEVEN tiny game changers, every parent needs to know!

SEVEN tiny game changers, every parent needs to know!

SEVEN tiny game changers, every parent needs to know!

Hello friends! Today I want to share seven tiny game changers, every parent needs to know! Admittedly I don’t know much about parenting, but here are some things I’ve discovered which have been super useful and I would love to pass on.

Get RingGo app

No joke. This car parking app is bloody brilliant! Before I had Mary, I was never afraid to park far away from the town to get that sweet free parking, but now I have Mary with me, I’m paying and trying to get as close to my destination as possible. I’m sure you already know of the RingGo app, but it’s amazing for parents as it means you don’t have to drag your children out the car to go get a ticket and then drag them back to the car to put it on display and then get to your destination. Instead you can just hit up the app, type in the car parking code and boom. Paid! Easy! 

If your bed has multiple hight settings, set it to the lowest

My mum told me that you know your baby can roll when it rolls off the bed. So, SO true. If your bed has two settings, adjust it so it’s on the lowest setting so it’s closer to the ground. I don’t want to sound dreadful, but tumbles will happen and it’s worth having your bed that little bit lower so it’s a little less of a drop when they fall. 

Remember some parents lie

This is more something you need to keep telling yourself. Some parents lie. Seriously! They lie about feeding, weening, development and all sorts and it can be really upsetting. I could tell you oodles of stories of the sh*t other mums have told me in their attempts to show off and how bad it made me feel, but I fear someone might see this and know I’m talking about them – although I’m sure they have better things to do than read my blog, but whatever! Either way, just know, some parents lie about how amazing their children are and how forward they are and you just have to remember they are ‘excited’ about their children and every child develops at different rates and unless you see that child genius counting to 10 at 8 months old, just assume it’s BS. 

Get Spotify

Spotify is brilliant for parents! When they are newborn you can use it as a white noise machine and as they get older you can use it to play nursery rhymes and childrens songs like the Peppa Pig albums – yes, this is a thing. It’s also great for paying music in general (Mary loves a dance!) and for me it’s great for music, podcasts and audiobooks when she’s napping and I’m catching up on things. I always loved Spotify, but it’s invaluable now that I have Mary. 

Try alternatives of everything!

I got told this by a friend and it’s SO true. If something isn’t working, try an alternative. For instance, if you can’t get Calpol into your child, buy the Boots own brand version of Calpol, and if that doesn’t work, try the Sainburys or Tesco version. The same goes for food pouches, sometimes Mary won’t have the Ella’s Kitchen pouch, but she will have the Asda version. They are both the same fruit, both organic, but these picky babies are well… picky! 

Cardigans with pockets

It’s not just cardigans you need with pockets, it’s also dresses, dressing gowns and basically anything you can possibly get with a pocket. When you have a baby, two hands are not enough and a pocket is more precious than ever. Hell, I went through a phase of wearing an apron around the house just for the pocket! It worked a treat.


I’m sure you all have airpods already, but if you don’t, take this as your sign to buy yourself a pair. They connect fast to your iPhone (the dupes don’t) and they are perfect for when you are feeding, entertainment for you when you are trying to get the baby down for a nap, early mornings, late nights… you name it. You don’t want wires getting in the way, airpods are the one!

Ta da!! And there we have it, SEVEN tiny game changers, every parent needs to know! I hope this post is of help, let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for reading!