Jo Malone London: The 2023 Blossoms Collection

Jo Malone London: The 2023 Blossoms Collection

Hello friends! It’s officially spring! How do I know? Because Jo Malone have released their annual blossom collection! These much-loved blossom inspired perfumes are limited edition and often sell our fast, so if you want one, you might want to order one soon! Let’s chat about the perfumes shall we?

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Waterlily Cologne

Radiant waterlilies, the crown jewel of a crystal-clear pond in a secret garden. These white petals release a clean floralcy that stirs and enchants. Representing enlightenment, the floating bloom has a dewy freshness that is enhanced with a flourish of jasmine sambac and neroli.

Nashi Blossom

As spring awakens, so does nashi blossom. An emblem of purity, these blousy white, speckled flowers bunch along the arching branches of the nashi tree, soon to become succulent pears. With petaly rose, this radiant bloom’s playful fruity scent is cushioned in white musk.

Osmanthus Blossom

A new season sweeps through the city while tiny white flowers collect in clusters on bushy evergreens, filling the air with joyful scent. The luscious apricot and soft suede notes of this fruity flower meet luminous orange blossom and voluptuous cashmere wood.

Star Magnolia

Spring arrives with glistening blossom trees scenting the air in the city parks of Shanghai: star magnolia is in bloom. Their crisp, pristine petals are gleaming against emerald magnolia leaf and a soft creamy sandalwood base.

Also as part of this collection there is a silk blossom diffuser, star magnolia hair mist and a small collection of miniature colognes.

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