1000 YouTube Subscribers: How much Adsense Revenue!?

How much money I made with 1000 YouTube Subscribers! My entire year of adsense revenue!

1000 YouTube Subscribers: How much Adsense Revenue!?

Hello friends! Today I want to share How much money I made with 1000 YouTube Subscribers! As you might know, YouTube run adverts before, after and during some YouTube videos and instead of pocketing all that cash, YouTube share it with the creator that the ads are played with. It’s roughly a 50/50 split, so for some people with great video views, it can be very very lucrative.

However, before you can earn money, you do have to apply to YouTube to be monetised and to do this, you have to hit certain criteria; 4000 hours of watch time in a rolling year and 1000 subscribers. Today I’m going to share how much I made in the first year after I hit 1000 subscribers! Let’s go!

Why am I sharing this information?

So before we get started, I want to share this information because I think it’s interesting… we are all a bit nosy about other peoples’ income right?! But also, I think it’s good to be honest and transparent. The only time I ever see people sharing their YouTube income is when they are super star level and making big bucks. So it’s easy to think everyone on YouTube is making loads of cash and actually… that’s not the reality. There’s nothing wrong with making big bucks, or small amounts, but I think it’s interesting to show both sides of the coin (pun intended!) and I think it might help fellow content creators, or potential content creators.

I’m really proud of the money I make on YouTube Adsense but at the same time, YouTube is hard work, it takes a lot of time and the equipment you need is fairly expensive too. So I thought this might be helpful, especially with the cost of living price rises we are currently seeing.

Anyway! Let’s chat! And I really hope you find this interesting!

Was it hard to get to 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

For me, yes, it took me a long time to hit both 1000 subscribers and also 4000 hours of watch time. For a while I didn’t think I would ever get there as it took SO long!!! But keep going, if I can do it, you can too!

I would recommend everyone (who wants to!) tries making videos for youtube, you might find you absolutely love it. However, if you try it and don’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t recommend you pursue it, it’s truly the hardest platform if you don’t enjoy it. If you are having an off day or you have a migraine and can barely pull yourself off the couch, you can always throw up a quick Instagram shot by reposting an old picture or an outtake. Where as youtube, it’s so much more time consuming, effort and it takes a lot more from you mentally. And if you aren’t into it, it’s not fun and you might find it’s not a successful channel for you if your disinterest shines through.

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Tips for reaching 1000 youtube subscribers:

  • Be consistent
  • Make great content
  • Ask followers on other platforms to follow you on YouTube
  • Start and end every video with asking people to subscribe to your channel
  • Host giveaways
  • Make videos on trending topics
  • Post shorts

However, there’s no point having 1000 subscribers if you don’t have 4000 hours of watch time. If you are trying to hit this milestone, follow these tips;

  • Make longer videos
  • Make videos on trending topics
  • Post consistently and as often as you can

How much money I made with 1000 YouTube Subscribers! My entire year of adsense revenue!

How much money I made on youtube adsense with 1000 subscribers

Once I hit 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months, I applied for monetisation from YouTube, I did this via the studio section of the youtube website. It was a really easy process and it only took a few days to get approved and once I did, I started seeing my revenue.

I noticed in the first few days and weeks my revenue was very low even though my video views were pretty consistent. I’m guessing it takes a few weeks for YouTube to start putting adverts on your videos and working our your CPM and RPM rates. If you don’t know what this means, it’s basically how much you get paid by youtube adsense per 1000 video views. However, every content creator on youtube has their own personal rates. This is worked out by YouTube and there are many factors which go into your rate, but a few include the average age of your audience, what your videos are about, the locations of your audience, time of year and so much more.

1000 subscribers: I made £530 that year

How much money I made with 1000 YouTube Subscribers! My entire year of adsense revenue!

As you can see from the screen shot above, when I first started making youtube adsense revenue, it was pretty low, less than £1 per day. It started to climb just before christmas, which is normal. As more brands want to advertise before christmas and because the adverts are sold on a auction basis, not only are brands paying more to advertise at this time of year, but theres also generally more adverts being shown with your vids. So it’s a double whammy!

There’s also a nice increase in my revenue when I started posting more frequently. I think originally I had been posting on youtube once or twice a week and then around April, I started posting every other day. Like I said, more video views = more revenue. It’s obvious, but because I was posting more videos, I was getting more views and making more money.

That’s the amazing thing about youtube, if you want more money, post more content! 

As you can see, in the entire first year of making YouTube adsense revenue, I made a total of £530.36 over the year. I had 1,000-2,000 subscribers at this time and no viral videos.

How much money I made with 1000 YouTube Subscribers! My entire year of adsense revenue!

Will YouTube pay for old videos after monetization?

Yes, once you are monetised on YouTube, not only will they give you money for any new videos you post, but your old videos will be monetised too. Of course, you will have to make sure each one has monetisation enabled and it fits in with the YT rules of monetisation, but as long as this is the case, you will get paid for all your videos. Which is pretty amazing!

How much money do you make per 1000 views?!

This really depends on you and your channel, see my tips below. But personally, I make just less than about £3 per 1000 views.

Tips for making MORE money on YouTube!

If you are serious about making money on YouTube, then I would say there are a few handy tips and tricks you could try to make better money on YouTube.

  • Nail your SEO! Yes, YouTube has SEO too! You want to make sure your video title, tags, description are all VERY clear on what your video is about. This will help youtube bring your vids up in search.
  • Make GREAT thumbnails! A good thumbnail will not only make people want to click on the video, but if it’s a good quality thumbnail, it will also give the viewer an indiction of the kind of quality they can expect from the video. Blurry thumbnail implies a blurry video and noone wants to click on that!
  • Post videos which will get you more views! This could be videos on highly searched topics, trending topics, new fashions, new products and challenges. Remember the ‘100 layers of…’ videos? Well, some of those content creators not only picked up a lot of followers but they also make a boatload of cash from those videos going viral!
  • Post longer videos! Not only will longer videos have more chance of having adverts run along side them, but if it’s over 10 minutes long then you can place adverts in the middle of the video too. A lot of creators say there should be an advert placed every 10 minutes, so if you make a 30 minute video, there could be around 5 adverts shown alongside it, where as a 1 minute video might have no adverts shown.
  • Post in the lead up to christmas! I’m going to let you into a secret. There’s a reason a lot of influencers will post infrequently all year long and then post daily in the lead up the christmas, it’s because they get paid SO much more money at this time of year. Sometimes up to 4 times the amount they get paid the rest of the year. So Vlogmas is VERY lucrative! The same goes for October (hello vlogtober!) but to a lesser extend.
  • Think about your content topics! Some content is more valuable than other content on YouTube, for instance, a beauty unboxing will pay less than a coding tutorial. I’m not saying be guided by this, but it’s worth thinking about what you have true expertise in as you might find it helps you make more money.
  • Insert b-roll. This could be images, shots of you interacting with products or drone landscape shots.

Remember. This is just the start

My YouTube channel NOW

At the time of writing, I have around 6,500 YouTube subscribers and I’m currently posting videos every other day once again – fingers cross I can continue, it’s hard with a toddler. After being so inconsistent for most of 2022, my channel has flatlined a little, so I’m trying to slowly build momentum and remind YouTube that I’m here and prove I’m sticking around!

Revenue wise, I’m making more now than I was back when I had 1000 subscribers, but not *that* much more. Proof that views are more important than subscribers. I wrote a post about how much I made in 2022, so feel free to go read that here. However, it’s also worth reading this post on how much I made when I had 5000 subscribers. This was the glory days of my channel, when I was posting a video either every day or every other day. I was super prolific and consistent and it paid off for me. Consistency and view numbers are really king on YouTube!

I’m actually working on a blog post /content at the moment on my lifetime YouTube earnings so hopefully that will be helpful too, as it will show the peaks and pits of my earnings on YouTube Adsense.

Thank you so much for reading How much money I made with 1000 YouTube Subscribers! My entire year of adsense. I really hope it’s of interest to you! Please let me know if you have any questions!


How much money I made with 1000 YouTube Subscribers! My entire year of adsense revenue!

My entire year of adsense revenue!