FIVE ways to authenticate a Gucci Marmont bag!

FIVE ways to authenticate a Gucci Marmont bag!

FIVE ways to authenticate a Gucci Marmont bag!

Hello friend, today I want to share five ways to authenticate a Gucci Marmont handbag. I bought my Gucci bag a while ago now and I absolutely love the quality is phenomenal and it’s just such a cute bag to carry. I always get so many compliments on it.

However, it is worth noting that this bag is expensive and not everybody can afford a brand new version. Luckily this bag had been out for a while now and so there are wonderful editions of it on the Preloved market. Not only is buying on the preloved market a great way to recycle, but it can save you a lot of money too. Plus you can colourways and editions of it which no longer exist. Like my pink beauty!

Buying on the pre-loved market can be scary, so you have to shop via stores and retailers who can guarantee the authenticity. It’s also a good idea to do your own research so you know what you are looking for! Which is why today I’m telling you how to authenticate a Gucci Marmont bag. Also some of these tips will apply to other Gucci bags, so don’t be afraid to apply them to other Gucci styles! Let’s go!

gucci marmont bag hardware front

Look closely at the hardware

First up! Look closely at the hardware. The GG logo should be thick and chunky with very defined G’s. Especially between the two letters. Also, the clasp it hides should be a pushlock rather than a magnet. As for the chain, it should be thick and chunky and whilst it has a satisfying weight, it’s not quite as heavy as you might think considering the chunkiness. Finally the hardware should have no smell, it shouldn’t smell metallic and it shouldn’t sound tinny when the chain clinks against itself.

Five Things You Need To Know About The Gucci Marmont Bag quilted pink gold

The leather should be beautiful!

Oh Lordy! The leather on an authentic Gucci bag is SO dreamy! It’s soft and smooth and feels so tactile. Look closely at the leather, is it even, smooth and just as lovely on the outside as it is on the back and the inside of the flap? If so. That’s a good sign!

gucci marmont bag heart on the back

Check out the stitching, quilting and heart at the back of the bag

Some bag brands will have a very specific number of stitches every inch, but as far as I’m aware, there isn’t a specific number to look out for, however, on a straight line on my bag there is approx 3 stitches per centimetre. So feel free to get your tape measure out and compare!!

As for the quilting, the quilt should have a puff, but not be overstuffed. The fakes often have not enough definition or be overstuffed and look too puffy and padded. It’s a tricky balance, but again, take a look at my pictures and look at the puffiness of the quilting.

Finally, the heart at the back of the bag. It should have quite a pointy tip at the back of the heart. Again, if you look at the photos of my bag, the heart is surprisingly long with the point at the ends that’s a good sign! I have seen fakes which have less of a point.

gucci marmont bag label made in italy

Inspect all the logos and branding

This is a given, but so often forgotten. Check every label and logo there is. On the front, zip pulls, label, hardware, lining, dust bag. You name it, if there’s a logo or a brand name. Inspect it! It should be perfectly spaced, the font should perfect and all the thicknesses of lines and proportions should be *just so*. Also, every edge should be crisp and neat.

gucci dust bag

Don’t forget the dust bag

Finally, the dust bag. Often forgotten but if it’s a super fake, this could be where they have slipped up. The Gucci logo on the label should be the perfect font, spacing and high quality. It should just look ‘right’ and most importantly, the label should be held with four stitches, one at each corner of the label. Now sewn on flat to the dust bag. It’s a small detail, but these stitches are hand done and not machine sewn like a counterfeit bag. Also, the label on the dust bag should have a bit of a grosgrain ribbon finish. 

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Pros & Cons of the Gucci Marmont bag!

Pros: Good internal space, a real show stopper, a modern classic bag, playful details, super soft leather, great quality 

Cons: a fashion investment, soft leather needs to be treated carefully 

Go shopping!


Ta da! And there we have it! FIVE ways to authenticate a Gucci Marmont bag! I hope this post is of help! also, have you seen the new Peter rabbit x Gucci collab? This post contains affiliate links.