Dear Mum, thanks for everything ❤️ Mother’s Day gift guide

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Mother’s Day gift guide

Hello friends! Today I want to share some Mother’s Day gift ideas with you. But before we get started, I just want to say that whilst Mother’s Day might well be a made up holiday, designed to sell greetings cards, it’s also a really nice opportunity to say thanks to our mum and celebrate them a little. In case you need it, this is your prompt to bake a cake, arrange a dog walk or clear your diary to pop over for a cup of tea and take a little gift. Let’s chat!

loccintane almond gift set

L’Occitane set

L’occitane is always a lovely gift and if you want to splurge, then I say go for the amazing Almond gift set complete with a huge bottle of their iconic almond shower oil, soap, body butter and hand cream. Absolutely beautiful! SHOP HERE! 

loccintane almond hand cream

L’Occintane hand cream 

Alternatively, instead of going for a gift set, why not go for just one big ol’ tube of L’occitane hand cream. My mum loves this stuff and it makes an amazing gift! Shop HERE!

monica vinader review and discount code pendant earrings necklace best sellers rings box packaging

Monica Vinader earrings

It’s no secret I love Monica Vinader jewellery and a sweet little pair of earrings could be just what’s needed to bring your mum some joy this Mother’s Day. Personally I love a simple pair of Pearl studs, or these beautiful organic looking hoops. Stunning!!

Get 20% off at Monica Vinader with the code KIRSTYM20. CLICK HERE!

le creuset mugs rainbow fathers day gift guide


A new mug is always one of my favourite gifts because it’s cute, affordable and usable! If your mum is a tea drinker, I would say go for a China cup and if she’s a coffee drinker go for a lovely big mug. Personally I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a Le Creuset mug!

Rejuvenated supplements

Rejuvenated supplements

I am forever recommending Rejuvenated Supplements because I personally think they are brilliant and my mum is OBSESSED!! The collagen is perfect for anyone who wants to give their skin and hair a boost and also strengthen joints. And the H3O supplements are amazing for promoting sleep whilst giving your skin and boost. It works hard whilst you rest and they really work!

liz earle cleanse and glow skin care

Liz Earle skincare

I am a huge huge fan of Liz Earle skin care and I can’t recommend their daily routine offers enough! Each month they have an different offer on, the basic premise is that you shop the basic routine (which is usually customisable, depending on your skin type) and then you get free items as part of the deal. They are usually half the price and truly useful items with added treats! So good and a brilliant gift!

sun day candle

Sun Day Of London Candle 

 I first tried Sun Day of London’s pillow mist which was pure botanical joy and now I’m working my way through one of their iconic jar candles. I was super torn between Celeste and Pine, but eventually I had to have Celeste and I’m SO glad I did! It’s filled with natural and slightly herbaceous notes of patchouli, amber and cardamom and it’s amazing!! Plus it looks amazing! 


Cookery book 

My mum loves a good cookery book, especially one filled with great every day delicious recipes and beautiful images. There’s just something about browsing a cookbook, am I right?!! Anyway, I would recommend looking for a lovely cookbook, if your mum likes to cook, otherwise it’s just looks like a rude hint! 

be-ro recipe book 1970s nutty flapjack recipe

Homemade Treats

If your mum is not into cooking, then why not cook for her?! You could make a cake, a batch of granola, flapjacks, even rice crispy cakes! It’s the thought that counts, not your culinary skills! 

Five things you need to know about Radley handbags! *review*

A cute handbag 

If you have a nice budget to play with, then can I point you in the direction of a cute handbag. I LOVE this bag from Radley, it’s SO fun and can be worn cross body, plus it fits everything inside! It’s amazing!!! Read more about Radley bags here

sana jardin perfume

Sana Jardin Perfume

Perfume is always a wonderful gift and Sana Jardin is a beautiful brand. Their fragrances are stunning and their ethics and sustainability policies are exceptional too! They have loads of amazing fragrances, but if I could convince you to just try one, it would have to be Sandalwood Temple. It’s mysterious and magical amber/woody fragrance. 

Granado Hand Wash & Lotion

Granado Hand Wash & Lotion

Finally, my mum loves a luxury hand wash at the side of her kitchen sink. She spends a lot of time in the kitchen and she’s forever washing her hands, so she loves the pick-me-up scent of a good hand wash, as well as the way it looks. I’m currently LOVING The Granada Aurora liquid soap, which is currently on offer at liberty and comes with a dreamy body lotion. Trust me, she’ll love it! The scent is light and fresh and it looks so pretty next to the sink! 

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