Our bathroom renovation is finally done! Let me show you!

labels for lunch blog bathroom renovation asos curve pink cardigan

Our bathroom renovation is finally done!

Hello friends! Today I want to share our bathroom renovation with you! This is almost two years in the making and honestly cost an eye watering amount. The decor is really just the finishing touch, a lot more than you might think went into this room. From the dormer windows to the raised ceiling height, the new roof and the full remodel… it’s been a lot! I’m so excited to finally show it to you!

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As you might be able to see from the photo, for a while this room didn’t even have a floor! You could literally walk into the room and if you carried on walking, you would be able to step down into the downstairs cloakroom … and break your leg in the process! And if you walked in the other direction, you would hit your head on the ceiling within a pace or two of entering the room. Just look at the window and how low it was! 

We raised the ceiling hight, re-roofed the entire house, re-plastered with the traditional three-step lime plaster and basically doubled the size of the room because we extended into a roof void. Oh and we also have a complete re-plumb of the house, so all the water pipes and soil pipes were moved for the design of the bathroom. Phew! 

victoria and albert bath company freestanding bath bathroom


I guess the main focus of this room is the giant bathtub. This is actually a double bathtub big enough for two people to comfortably bathe in here. Although if truth is told, it’s so fancy neither of us have used it much!!! I’m still in that ‘I love looking at it’ phase, y’know? 

Aside from that, we kept the room pretty simple. I absolutely love the floor tiles, I still can’t believe the price of them, they were so reasonable and they look so good, I’m so happy!!!! They are from Walls & Floors and I can’t recommend them enough, I think they were less than £30 per square metre, which is bonkers as everything else I saw similar was almost £100 per metre square, so it was amazing! The metro tiles are also from there, which again, made a giant saving! 

As for the hand chair, peacock chair, F&M hamper, painting and faux plant, these were all in our old house and we thought they would be fun in here. The room is so big, we needed some big items in here to fill the space a little. 

So, there we have it!!! Finally! Our bathroom is done!!! I hope you like it and I’m sure we will add to it at some point soon too! But for now… ta da!!! 

Tiles were gifted. 

vintage peacock chair

vintage hand chair

labels for lunch blog bathroom renovation asos curve pink cardigan