I have 1 million YouTube video views… how much money did I make?!

I have 1 million YouTube video views… how much money did I make?!

I have 1 million YouTube video views… how much money did I make?!

Hello friends! Today I want to share how much money I made on YouTube for 1 million views! Yes friends! I have had over 1 million views! Actually… that’s not true! I’ve had 2 million views! So I’m actually going to tell you how much I made for the first 1 million views and how much I made for the second 1 million views, so you can get a clearer picture of income! Wanna know more? Let’s go!

My YouTube stats:

Before we get started, I just want to share a few of my YouTube stats with you. I have:

  • 6,500 subscribers
  • 2,000,000 video views
  • 1,100 videos live on my channel (not including shorts)
  • Nearly all my videos are monetised
  • My videos are around the topics of perfumes, beauty, home, handbags and occasionally some influencer advice
  • I started my channel 6 years ago, but I have been consistently posting for around 4 years

1 million youtube views how much money adsense revenue

My first 1 million views on YouTube – how much I got paid

For my first 1 million views on YouTube I made £1,807. However, it’s worth remembering that for a chunk of this, I wasn’t eligible for Youtube monetisation because I hadn’t hit the requirements yet. So I think this amount is pretty amazing considering how many of those views I wasn’t earning adsense for. 

If you look at the left had side of the graph, you can see I started making youtube adsense money fairly quickly and then it stopped completely. This is because when I first started youtube, the adsense requirements were much lower, so I was about to make adsense fairly early and then when the requirements changed to what they are now, I stopped making money and it took me a whole YEAR to reach the monetisation goal! 

Personally, I think it’s pretty amazing to have made £1,800 for my first million views, considering during this time there was 4000 hours of watch time which wasn’t eligible to make money!! 

You can also see at this time I was being paid an average of £1.81 per 1000 views (RPM) and for my second 1 million views, this increased… let’s check it out below!

1 million youtube views how much money adsense revenue

My second 1 million views on YouTube – how much I got paid

Since I have 2 million lifetime views on youtube, I wanted to show you what I made from 1-1mil views and then from 1-2 mil views, as it’s quite a different amount. 

For this second million views, I had a much higher RPM rate – this is how much I get paid per 1000 views. I was making £2.60, which is a lot more. I also had reached monetisation level by this stage and never dropped below it, so I was able to keep earning revenue on every single view I got. 

Where as for my first million youtube views I made a total of £1,800, for my second million views I made £2,596. Which is quite a lot more!

It’s also worth noting that not only did I make more money, but It took me around 4 years to get my first million views and it took only 2 years to get my second million views. So I made more and did it in double the time! 

RPM rates change all the time, with the time of year, the topics of your content, the location of your audience and SO much more, so seeing it across all my videos over such a long period of time, gives you a much better sense of the average RPM for a channel like mine, compared to if I had one video which went viral. 

Was it hard to reach 1,000 YouTube subscribers?

It did take a long while for me to reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. For some people it’s pretty quick and easy, especially if they can transfer the views from social media platforms and they have videos which are REALLY popular, but for me it was the long game. 

My advice is, if you love making youtube videos, just keep pushing towards those 1000 subscribers. It might feel like an uphill battle, but if I can get there, so can you! 

This is how much I made in the year after I hit 1000 youtube subscribers. 

Tips & Tricks to get 1,000 YouTube subscribers

  • Be reliable.
  • create great quality content
  • Recruit followers from other platforms to subscribe to your YouTube channel.
  • Every video should begin and end with a quick mention to press ‘like’ and ‘subscribe’
  • Organise giveaways with the incentive to subscribe 
  • Create videos about popular and trending topics in your niche 
  • Post shorts, they can be a good way to gain new subscribers 

How to get 4000 hours of watch time on youtube 

However, if you don’t have 4000 hours of watch time, having 1000 subscribers is useless – sorry! but it’s true! My best advice for clocking up the watch time is… 

  • Make your videos a little longer 
  • Post videos on heavily searched topics 
  • Post frequently and consistently
  • Don’t give up! 

That’s the amazing thing about youtube, if you want more money, post more content! 

is youtube adsense worth it

Is Youtube Adsense worth it?! 

YES!!! If you love posting Youtube videos, then the adsense money is just a bonus! However, if you hate making videos and find it embarrassing and time consuming, then no. It’s not worth it. I think my videos on average make me around £4 each, so if you would make videos for fun, £4 is a nice bonus, but if you are comparing it to working in a coffee shop, it’s not even minimum wage. That being said, you always have the opportunity to go viral and make a lot more money off just one video! And hopefully the money will grow with time too! This is how much I made in 2022

Does having lots of youtube subscribers give you more views?

Having lots of youtube subscribers makes you look and feel special, however, there’s no point having lots of subscribers if you don’t post any videos. I have a friend with 20,000 subscribers who rarely posts and therefore doesn’t get enough watch time per year to make any adsense money. Where as I have been making adsense money since I hit 1000 subscribers because I’ve consistently had enough watch time per year, because I make lots of videos. 

Also, you could have lots of subscribers, but if none of those people are clicking on your videos and watching them, it doesn’t matter. Sure, it gives you the potential to be seen by more people, but on youtube there’s lots of ways for your videos to be seen or suggested, not just subscribers. 

The one thing having lots of subscribers is great for, is getting brand sponsorship deals. A brand is more likely to sponsor a video if you have lots of subscribers, rather than if you have a few subscribers but generally get a lot of views. However, that being said, more brands are sponsoring instagram and tik tok content right now. 

Fun fact, I actually made more adsense money when I had 5000 subscribers compared to when I had 6000 subscribers… why? Because when I had 5000 subscribers I didn’t have a baby and I was a lot more consistent with making videos. Where as when I had 6000 subscribers, I had a new born and would post very in frequently and whilst it was great having some passive income, I made a lot less money because I was making less videos and getting less views. Which goes to show, it’s not about subscribers, it’s about views, consistency and watch time. 

Just to recap!

  • I have 6,500 subscribers
  • 1,100 videos (not including shorts!)
  • I’ve been on the platform for around 6 years 
  • I have 2 million lifetime views
  • You need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time before you can apply for monetisation
  • For my first 1 million views on YouTube I made £1,807
  • For my second million views I made £2,596
  • The first million was lower as that includes the time before I was monetised
  • The second million is also higher because my RPM was higher during this time 
  • It took me half the amount of time to get my second million views as it did to get the first million 
  • Enjoy YouTube and consider the money as a fun bonus to a great hobby and who knows what will happen in the future!

Ta da! so there we have it! how much I get paid for 1 million views on youtube! I hope this video is of help and interest! Let me know if you have any questions, I’m always happy to help! 

is youtube adsense worth it