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How To Curate The Perfect Ear Stack

Hello friends! Today I want to share with you a few tips and tricks on how to create the perfect ear stack! Once upon a time, it was all about the statement earring and that can still be fun, but it’s also cool to create a really chic ear stack. It’s an effortless look which gives lots of detail and interest, without screaming ‘look at me!!! Ask me about my earrings!’. Right now, the ear stack is the ultimate cool girl look, so today we are going to chat about how to nail it! 

Choosing a perfect ear stack can be harder than it looks. It’s like kourtney Kardashian said… it’s like that effortless look. Only it’s a lot of effort. Or whatever the quote is! So today we are going to chat about how to create the perfect ear stack, some easy rules to stick by and a super cool hack for creating that effortless look… but with literally no effort. Spoiler alert: by a pre-made stack set! Boom!!!!! Ok, without further ado, let’s do this!

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What is an ear stack?

An ear stack is a collection or curation of earrings worn together. Generally, you need three or more piercings up your ear, but if you just have two piercings, you can always add in some ear cuffs to get the look. It’s all about mixing and matching colours, shapes and textures to get an effortlessly cool, rock n roll look which makes you look like ‘I woke up like this’. A swipe of red lipstick and a faux fur coat or leather jacket and you are ready to party with the socialites! 

monica vinader ear stack how to create an ear stack

Combine different shapes, colours, and textures

By playing with shapes, colours and most importantly, textures; you can best create a really eye-catching ear stack. Also, don’t be afraid to mix metals too, both gold and silver, as well as introducing gun metals, antique gold, brushed golds, pearls and different gem stones. Consider the shapes of the studs, an open circle stud, next to an organic looking pearl is so much more exciting and two circle studs next to each other. Also, when it comes to hoops, look for textured surfaces as well as more organic shapes, Monica Vinader have tones to choose from. 

Experiment with colour 

Whilst a simple silver or gold ear stack might feel safer, any ear stack will become more interesting with colour. Think about adding in hints of colours to make things a little more fun and playful! You can experiment with complimenting colours going up the ear, or just a simple pop of colour here and there. Whatever feels right to you! Also, adding in colour is a great way to make your ear stack more seasonal for christmas parties and summer time. 

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Don’t avoid statement earrings 

Statement earrings might seem like something you should avoid when creating an ear stack, it can actually be a really fun way to make your ear stack more unique and dressy. Pick a statement earring and choose smaller studs and hoops which compliment it. It might be harder to get the combination right, but it will really pay off! Also, it’s the kind of look which looks so thrown together (even though it’s not!) that when you do nail it, it looks even more effortless and amazing! I’d recommend going for a statement hoop rather than something like a tassel earring or giant stud. 

Want more drama without the holes?! 

If you have a couple of piercings in each ear but not enough to make a full stack, then experiment with choosing earrings which look like ‘more’. For instance, a bar stud which sits up your ear so it takes up more space. You can also add in some extra ear cuffs or earrings which hold with preassure to maximise the look you have, before you add more holes. 

monica vinader ear stack how to create an ear stack

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Add in some luxe 

The ear stack is a look which screams ‘I’m an artist / playwright / poet / insert-your-own-creative-pursuit-which-rarely-pays-the-bills-here, but I don’t struggle to pay my rent in my Mews house in Notting Hill’. So, to really nail it, you need to add in a little luxe. Something which screams ‘Heirloom’. Y’know… a pearl, a diamond, a single cartier earring which belonged to your great aunt. Bonus points if you have some slightly tarnished pieces too. A bit like a bride on a wedding day, you want something old and something new… the blue is up to you! 

Don’t forget to let it flow

Finally, one of the most important parts of the ear stack is the most obvious. Let the shape of it flow. Whether you start the stack with a big hoop and add in hoops which get progressively smaller, or you just do a stack or small studs, think about the shapes and generally start with the largest at the lobe and work up. Also, for more dainty stacks, check out these beautiful huggies which are so cute. 

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And if you are still struggling…

Then why not buy a pre-made ear stack from Monica Vinader like this one, or this one, or copy one of their pre-made ones which they show on shoots. Because Monica Vinader have a pretty consistent collection, when you see an ear stack or a necklace stack, you can generally buy each and every item shown. 

Go Shopping!

Ta da! and there we have it! how to create the perfect ear stack! I hope this post is of help and interest! Thank you so much for reading! Read my full Monica Vinader review here