How much YouTube Adsense has paid me… EVER! Lifetime earnings!!

How much YouTube Adsense has paid me... EVER!  copy

How much YouTube Adsense has paid me… EVER!

Hello friends!! Today I thought I would share a quick post on How much YouTube Adsense has paid me… EVER! I started my YouTube Channel over 6 and a half years ago and over that time I’ve published over 1,100 videos. Not including shorts!!! Personally, I find YouTube fun, but time consuming and it’s also one of the few platforms where you can make money just by posting content… so today I thought I would lift the lid on how much I have made on YouTube adsense over my entire time on the platform. I’m talking about my lifetime youtube earnings… wanna see?! Let’s go! 

How much YouTube Adsense has paid me... EVER!  copy

How to get money from Youtube Adsense?!

When I first started YouTube you could make adsense money pretty much as soon as you joined the platform. And then they changed the changed the rules and you had to meet the minimum requirements of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time per rolling year. Once you meet these amounts, you can apply to make YouTube adsense money and as long as your videos don’t violate the guidelines, you will soon see some income… just from posting videos. It’s pretty amazing and they are the only platform who pays you just to create content. 

How much does YouTube adsense pay? 

Every YouTubers has a different RPM rate (this is the amount of money you make from advertisers per 1000 views). This is worked out on a vast number of factors, including: 

  • Audience Age – Channels with typically older audiences tend to earn more for advertising
  • Audience Location – Different countries pay higher and lower Adsense revenues 
  • Topics Covered – Some topics pay more others pay less examples include Business advice and tutorials
  • Channel Quality – YouTube are generally more likely to place ads on videos with a higher production value and better audience retention
  • Channel Notoriety – Brands are willing to pay more to have their ads play alongside top tier YouTuber channels. For example, Mr Beast will most likely have a higher RPM than little old me! 
  • Channel Niche – More specific niche channels will be more favourable (and therefore pay more) to advertise alongside that niche because it’s a more targeted audience
  • Length Of Video – Longer videos have more ads shown along side them where as super short videos have less ads (sometimes no ads at all!)
  • Time Of Year – Brands spend more money advertising on YouTube during sale times, October and most importantly pre-Christmas time. You can often make triple the amount you normally make during this time of year. 

My personal RPM changes all the time but it’s currently around £3 per 1000 views. Hypothetically, if I post a video and it gets 500 views, I make around £1.50. If i post a video and it gets 100,000 I will make around £300. 

How does YouTube adsense pay money to me? 

I get paid from YouTube Adsense every 30 days and it goes directly into my bank account. The payment threshold is £60, so if I only make £59 from adsense that money, I won’t get paid that month and instead it will be paid out the following month along with my next months Adsense earnings. I am lucky enough to get paid every month now and it’s REALLY great to be able to rely on it. 

Please note, I do pay taxes, as should you! So make sure you declare your adsense earnings on your tax return each year! 

How much YouTube Adsense has paid me... EVER!  copy

How much YouTube Adsense has paid me… EVER! 

OK! Let’s get to the nitty gritty here! I have been on YouTube for around 6 years and made around 1,100 youtube videos. This number does not include shorts. I have around 6,500 subscribers at this time and my growth has been relatively slow. That being said, you might be better at YouTube and you might get 100,000 subscribers in your first year… who knows! Give it a go and see what happens.

My total earnings for my YouTube Adsense is £4,423.73. At the moment, I am making around £70 a month, however, it tends to be much higher around christmas. In total I make around £1000 per year – see my full 2022 YouTube adsense earnings in this post. I posted about my 1000 youtube subscriber adsense earnings here, which was my lowest year ever. My earnings were slightly higher before I had Mary and I was a lot more consistent and posting more frequently – I had around 5000 subscribers around this time and I posted my adsense earnings here. Hopefully as I start to make more videos it will grow again. However, it is worth remembering that for around 9 months I NEVER posted on YouTube and I was still making money every month from my old videos getting views and clocking up my earnings. It’s nice to have passive income from evergreen content!! 

On the graph above, you might notice there’s around a year where I wasn’t making any Adsense revenue at all. This is because YouTube changed the minimum requirements for monetisation and I didn’t meet them, it took me about a year until I did. As a reminder, the requirements are 4000 hours of watch time per rolling year and 1000 subscribers. 

How much YouTube Adsense has paid me... EVER!  copy

YouTube Highest Earning Adsense Months 

Before I finish, I just wanted to prove (see above image!) the highest earning Adsense months are October, November and December, with a MAJOR focus on November. Why? Because this is when Brands are heavily advertising to capture the christmas shoppers. This is why so many YouTubers will take part in Vlogtober and Vlogmas, because between the increased adsense revenue and the affiliate earnings, it’s a GREAT time to post!! 

If you can, try to produce extra content around the holidays, this might even include you starting to batch film in the late summer to post later in the year! 

How else can I make money on YouTube!?

Finally, I wrote a big post about how you can make money on YouTube with a smaller following here – but this is just a reminder that YouTube adsense is not the only way to make money on YouTube, you can also use YouTube to make money in the following ways: 

  • Sell products – Sell your own handmade products or vintage items you have sourced to resell
  • Make Affiliate income – When you recommend products in your video, add the affiliate link into the description box to make commission when people buy the products 
  • Sponsored videos – Ask brands to sponsor a video about their product 

Can you make money on YouTube with less than 10,000 subscribers?!


So there we have it, how much I have made on YouTube EVER and hopefully an indication of how you can make money on there too! I admit, it’s not a get-rich-quick platform, but it is fun and I love the extra money it gives me! But who knows, maybe your videos will go viral and YOU will make great cash from it! Either way, give it a go and see if you enjoy it! A few things you need to remember: 

  • Before you can make Adsense money you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time per year
  • Longer videos tend to make more money
  • YouTube Shorts now pay adsense, but much less than long-form videos
  • Some topic niches make more money than others
  • Watch time and views are more important than subscriber numbers
  • Don’t forget to include your Adsense earnings on your tax return
  • You can make much more money around the holidays, so post extra content around this time 

And there we have it! I hope this video on How much YouTube Adsense has paid me… EVER! has been of help and interest to you! Please let me know if you have any questions, I’m always happy to help! 

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