Five podcasts for insomniacs

podcasts for insomniacs

Five podcasts for insomniacs

Hello friends! Today I want to share five podcasts for insomniacs. If you struggle to sleep, I honestly can’t recommend podcasts enough. I use them to help me get to sleep, entertain me in the night and get me back to sleep! They work a treat! I used to just lie in bed, stuck in my own head. Not sleeping. Now I plug in an airpod and listen until I sleep.

Also, if you listen on an iPhone, I would recommend going into your settings and changing the settings so that when a podcast ends, it doesn’t automatically start playing another episode. Also, on the apple podcast app, you can use the sleep timer, so if you think you might be asleep in a bit and you have put on a long episode, you can always use the little moon shape on the right hand side when you are in the app, and set it to turn off on a timer. It’s a handy feature!

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‘Generation why’

True crime, but their voices really Lull you back to sleep and the episodes are nice and long.

‘Nothing much happens’

Designed to help you go back to sleep, as the name suggests, nothing really happens so you aren’t concentrating on a big storyline!


Soothing and well produced. Plus they are beautiful stories, so if you don’t fall asleep, it’s a great time to listen in a peace.


I’ve listened to a lot of episodes in the night to help me get back to sleep. Phoebe judge has the most soothing voice, she also works on and narrates ‘Phoebe reads a mystery’ and ‘this is love’. Check them out! All very good podcasts!!

‘Real life ghost stories’

Scary but soothing. These bitesize real life ghost stories are perfect for the middle of the night. I’ve fallen asleep to this podcast so many times, and then I often go back to the episode the following day to catch up on what I missed. 

I hope this post is of help! Sleep well friends! 

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