Five celebrity memoirs you HAVE to read!!!


Five celebrity memoirs you HAVE to read!!!

Hello friends! Today I want to do a quick post on five celebrity memoirs you have to read! I’m not gonna lie, I could have easily featured more than five, but let’s start off with an achievable reading list shall we? Also; there’s no shame in listening to books, I use audible. It’s great! Let’s not be snobby about paperbacks, ok? Let’s go!

‘Open Book’ Jessica Simpson

I was never interested in Jessica Simpson until this book came out and now we are besties! Filled with tea, Jesus and pop nostalgia. Plus did you know the Jessica Simpson clothing line is a billion dollar brand?!

‘The meaning of Mariah’ Mariah Carey

Mariah is so smart, hardworking and shady. God love her! Oh and she sings in the audio book!

‘This will only hurt a little’ Busy Philipps

I listened to this about 3 years ago, but I loved it! A great place to start! Oh and her James Franco shade is barely even shade. She puts it right out there!

‘I’m glad my mom died’ Jennette Mccurdy

The title is not click bait.

‘Wildflower’ Drew Barrymore

A series of short stories of moments from Drew’s amazing life… so far!



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