Feel unique pick and mix sample beauty box: it’s free! Here’s what you need to know!

Feel unique pick n mix sample beauty box: it’s free! Here’s what you need to know!

Feel unique pick and mix sample beauty box

Hello friends! I hope you are well! Today I want to chat about the Feel unique pick andn mix sample beauty box. I have been buying these for YEARS now and I can’t believe it’s taken me until now to talk about them! It’s an amazing beauty sample offer and it’s basically free. No really! I need to tell you all about it and if you fancy treating yourself, click the link! Ok! Let’s go!

What you get

There are two feel unique beauty boxes to choose from, one is subscription based (although can buy one off boxes) and the other is this pick and mix samples kit. Each month you can order one of these and each one includes 5 samples which you choose yourself. A lot of the products are tiny sizes, but it’s enough to try out and most of the brands are pretty high end. Also, let’s be honest, it’s free! So why wouldn’t you order one?!


It’s free. No really!

Yep! It’s absolutely free, the only thing is, you have to pay £3.95 to cover the postage. However, you get this back as a gift voucher to spend online and redeem against your fave products.

What’s the catch?

Honestly, there is no catch! The only thing is, you have to cover the cost of postage which you get back as a gift voucher and you can only order one a month. This is really important, it is limited to just one per customer, per month, as it is a great offer!

What kind of products can I expect?

Honestly there are so many products and so many brands to choose from. You can search for skin care, hair care, make up, lifestyle and fragrance. There’s a choice between luxury brands, high end brands and natural brands. Brands I have chosen from the pick and mix samples kit include aromatherapy associates, Charlotte tilbury, Gucci perfume, Elemis skincare and sooooo much more.

My most recent edit…. Watch the video!! 

What to look out for?

Personally, I would say keep a beady out for the size of the products. Sometimes you can find hair care samples in sizes like 30ml and 50ml, which is incredibly generous, whilst other hair care will be in 10ml sizes. Similarly some of the skincare is in slightly larger sizes, so it’s worth trying to find these products so you can get a few more uses out of them.

Also, if you have sensitive or irritable skin, this is an amazing way to try out products to see how your skin reacts. Granted, it might only be enough for one or two tries, but it’s hopefully enough to see if your skin can handle it or not.

I love choosing the perfumes, they are generally just small vials, but it’s enough to wear for the day and see how it works on your skin and how it lasts. Plus it’s so nice to get new perfumes. No matter what the size.

Finally, my top tip is to choose face and hair masks where possible. Why? Because these are products are designed to be used less often and be higher impact. For instance, a hair mask, you might only use once or twice a month, so if you picked a hair mask or two in this set, you would have all the hair mask you need for a month AND you would see big results. Where as if you choose a face serum, you would get a feel for if it’s right for your skin, but you would be unlikely to see results after just one use.

Personally, I rarely do clay masks, so I never buy a full size clay mask pot, but instead I will choose a clay mask in these sets once in a while and use them instead. Which feels a lot less wasteful than buying a big pot which might take me a year to get through because I use it so infrequently.

Ta da! And there we have it! I hope this helps! If you look at the photos you will see everything I got this month, but the selection is changing constantly so keep an eye out and if you dancing choosing yourself a bundle, I honestly can’t recommend it enough! In fact, it’s worth setting yourself a reoccurring reminder every month to place an order for one! It’s always worth it! I find the value of the samples far outweighs the cost of the postage, and I nearly always use my voucher anyway! It’s so good! 

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