Can you make money on YouTube with less than 10,000 subscribers?!

Can you make money on YouTube with less than 10,000 subscribers?!

Can you make money on YouTube with less than 10,000 subscribers?!

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about if you can make money on YouTube with less than 10,000 subscribers. I’ve been blogging, instagramming and YouTubing for YEARS at this point, it’s actually been over a decade! Yikes! And there’s a bit of a miss conception that you can’t make money on YouTube unless you have a wild amount of subscribers, like 200k plus. At least.

On the flip side, there’s also a misconception that you can make a flippin’ fortune if you have no YouTube subscribers but a few thousand Instagram followers. Like less than 5,000 and boom. You got paid! So today I want to chat about if you can make money on YouTube with less than 10,000 subscribers and HOW!!!! Let’s go!


Once you hit 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, you can apply for your videos to be monetised and make YouTube Adsense. The amount you make with YouTube Adsense can massively vary. Not every video makes the same amount of money, even if it has the same number of views.

In my experience and from my research, I have found that some videos do better and worse, in terms of Adsense. For instance, a video which is a beauty products unboxing video tends to perform well in terms of views, but poorly in terms of Adsense. Where as business themed videos will do well in terms of Adsense earnings, even if the views are lower.

Also, shorter videos tend to make less Adsense money than longer length videos. Why? Because you are more likely to have advents playing alongside longer videos and not only might you get one at the beginning, but there might be one at the end and in the middle too! That could be three advents shown on a longer video rather than no advents on a shorter video. Also, it’s worth remembering that not every video has advents shown alongside it, and no advents = no money!

Finally, when it comes to YouTube adsense, it doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have (as long as its over 1000), they pay you on video views. So if you have 1,100 subscribers and 1million video views a month, you’re gonna make a lot of money! Where as someone else could have 1 million subscribers and never post so they only get 1,000 views a month and they will make hardly any money. Friends! It’s ALL about the views, so make the videos, get the views and get paid!! 

If you want to know how much money I made on Adsense in 2022. Then you should watch this video on my earnings – it includes screen shots! Also, I wrote this blog post on how much I made on youtube adsense with 5000 subscribers. And if you are brand new to youtube and hoping to hit 1000 subscribers, this is how much I made in my first year of adsense revenue with 1000 subscribers.  

Inside My Colourful Margate Airbnb!

Sell your own products

Are you a business owner? Do you make products and sell them on etsy? Do you want to make and sell products?! Now could be your time! You have an audience, promote the products you already make or sell, or create some to sell! You could get mugs or teeshirts printed up, you could buy and sell vintage clothing, you could make christmas wreaths… whatever is you thing, do it and sell it! Personally, I used my youtube (and Instagram) to help promote my airbnb apartment – see photo above! It worked great! That’s a great way to make money with less than 10,000 youtube subscribers! 

Make affiliate money 

This is a great way to monetise your influence. Even if you aren’t an influencer! Maybe your channel is about looking after cats, you might not think there’s much you can sell. Well, you can…. pet food, cat brushes, cat beds… you name it! And if you are showing yourself on camera you can link your clothes and make up you are wearing, or even your home wears which feature heavily. Affiliate agencies to join include: 

  • AWIN
  • Linkshare 
  • LTK 
  • Shopstyle 
  • Skimlinks 
  • Klarna Creator 

Ghd Hair Tools

Brand sponsored videos 

Finally, a great way to get money from YouTube if you have less than 10,000 followers, is getting sponsored by a brand to create a video. To do this you can hit up brands with your stats and any information you have on views, audience types, recent success stories you’ve had, or you can find agencies who work between brands and influencers to place sponsored videos. This is different to having an agent, you might need a larger audience to attract an agent, but there are agencies who work with influencers of all sizes on non-exclusive campaigns and if you sign up to some of these, you might find you get approached with a sponsored opportunity. Finally, another great way to get sponsored posts or videos is by talking organically about a brand or product you love, if the reponse from your audience is good and you are successful with driving awareness or sales, you might find the brand come knocking on your door at a later date to ask you to promote their new launch. If this happens, let them know your rates. They might expect it for free – as you did it last time – but you must let them know that now that they have a measure of your success with the brand, for their new launch it would need to be a collaboration. Brands usually have a budget set aside to promote new launches, be it in magazines, TV adverts, billboards, celebrities and influencers, and you deserve some of that money! 


Ask your youtube followers to follow you on other platforms which might also help you get paid on other platforms. This will increase your earning ability away from youtube and onto Tik Tok or Instagram. Even if you aren’t as active on other platforms, it’s still worth promoting the other platforms so that you can monetise them at a later date if you wish. 

Ta da! and there we have it! I hope this video is of help and interest to you! Let me know if you have any questions! 

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