YouTube paid me HOW much in 2022? Adsense earnings reveal!

youtube adsense earnings 2022

YouTube paid me HOW much in 2022? Adsense earnings reveal!

Hello friends! Today I thought I would do a blog post to share my YouTube adsense earnings for 2022. I’ve noticed a lot of mega star YouTubers share their phenomenal Adsense earnings and whilst I LOVE seeing their numbers, because it’s super inspiring. I also want to be honest about the earnings at the other end of the spectrum.

Also, before we get started, I’m proud of the money I’ve made on YouTube. Im grateful for the cash, but I also want to be honest about the earnings as it’s so easy to think that YouTube is easy and can make you oodles of money. As we are plunged into a recession, I know a lot of people are looking for side hustles to make extra income and before you invest in cameras, lenses, light rings, editing tools, I want to share the reality of the revenue at the other end of the spectrum and hopefully help you a little. Also, we will get into CPM, RPM and different topics on YouTube which can be more lucrative than others! Ok! Let’s get into it!

How much my YouTube kit cost me

Before we get started, I just want to share what I use to make and edit my YouTube videos and how much it all costs at todays prices.

  • iMovie – free although I just had to buy a new desktop, which I would recommend as video content takes up a huge amount of memory. New iMac cost £1,600
  • Canon G7X mark III vlogging camera. Cost £669
  • Olympus Pen Camera. Cost £499 used.
  • Newer ring light
  • SD card. For video you want a larger SD card, I have a few of these 128GB cards.
  • PicMonkey / Canva to make thumbnails. I use the free versions, but the paid versions have nicer fonts and filters

Obviously this kit has lasted me a good amount of time and I use it a lot, but if you are starting, this is a tough guide to what you need and how much it will cost.

YouTube paid me HOW much in 2022? Adsense earnings reveal!

How much did I make on YouTube in 2022?

I’ve attached the screen grabs, but the total for the entire 2022 year is £1,098. However it is worth noting that I took nearly the entire year off making videos and was really inconsistent. In the first half of the year I published 6 videos and it was only in November / December I started posting more videos, when I posted about 50. However, it’s worth noting that the videos that generate the most income are often the ones which have been up a little longer. My RPM and CPM rate was actually higher when I WASN’T posting compared to when I was posting! 

What is RPM and CPM on YouTube?

CPM is the rate you could get per 1,000 impressions (CPM). This is more of a hypothetical rate, because in reality, not all videos will have ads running on them and therefore if there’s no ads being shown you won’t make any money. Instead you should look at the RPM (Revenue Per Mille) rate, which will show you the actual amount you make per 1000 views. The CPM rate might appear higher, but the RPM rate will be a lot more accurate. Just as an example, if you get 2,000 views a day on average and your RPM is $4 then you will make around $8 a day. For the record, my RPM is currently £2.83

Can I instantly start making money on YouTube?

No, you have to reach certain milestones before you can make money on YouTube. Once you hit those milestones you have to apply to be part of the partner program and once approved you will make money on your videos. Currently you need to have 1,000 subscribers and accrue 4,000 hours of watch time in a rolling 12 month period. This is how much I made from youtube adsense when I had 1000 subscribers

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How do I get to 4,000 hours of watch time fast? 

The best advice I can give is for hitting 4,000 hours of watch time is persistence and mathematics! 4,000 hours works out to be 240,000 minutes. Divide this number by 12, and then aim for that each month. If you can hit 20,000 minutes of watch time per month, then you will hit the required number after 12 month.

Also, it’s worth noting, the more videos you have, the faster you will clock up time and longer videos generally accrue more time viewed too. Higher quality videos tend to get longer watch time and I personally find vlog style vids do better than sit down chatty vids, as it gives the audience more interest.

How do I get 1,000 subscribers fast?

To get to 1,000 subscribers I would recommend the following:

  • create quality content
  • Share your content on other channels and ask your audiences to subscriber
  • Host a giveaway
  • Create videos around trending topics, produce high quality and entertaining videos and at the beginning as people to subscribe for more

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What Factors influence Adsense Revenue?

  • Audience Geographical Location – Different countries pay higher and lower Adsense revenues
  • Audience Age – Channels with more mature audiences tend to earn more as the viewers are considered more likely to shop the products advertised 
  • Topics Covered – Some topics pay more others pay less e.g. Business advice or niche topics which are less frequently discussed on youtube 
  • Length Of Video – Longer videos have more ads, where are super short videos generally have no ads or very few ads 
  • Channel Niche – More specific channels will be more favourable to certain brands / industries and therefore make you more money, again like business advice 
  • Time Of Year – Brands spend more money advertising on YouTube during sale time and most notably Christmas time. Not only will more ads be shown on your channel at this time, but the amount brands pay at this time of year is higher, so you make more money 
  • Channel Quality – YouTube are more likely to place ads alongside YouTubers with a higher production value
  • Channel Notoriety – Brands are willing to pay more to have their ads play alongside top YouTuber channels – I chat about this more below! 

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Do youtube channels with more subscribers make more money? 

The answer to this is maybe, but not necessarily. For instance, when I wrote this post I have 1,000 less youtube subscribers but I was making a LOT more money. Why? Because I was posting every day for the first half of the year and every other day for the second part of the year. I literally produced HUNDREDS of videos that year and as a result, my views were higher and I was making more money. PLUS, youtube (like every other platform) like consistent posting on their channel. So they were rewarding me by not only favouring my videos over others, but giving me a higher RPM rate, my RPM rate was around $5 dollars then and it’s around £3.50 now. Of course, the exchange rates have varied, but my RPM rate is still lower now than it was then. 

Similarly, I know people with 20,000 subscribers who post so little on their channels that they don’t even get enough yearly video views to qualify to make any adsense money. 

On the flip side though, a more famous youtuber who is classed as a top tier creator will automatically get a higher RPM rate as their channel is prestigious and brands will pay more to advertise at the beginning of their videos. Not only that, but because their channel is so well loved, Youtube will generally run more adverts in their content. So whilst I might have an advert at the beginning of one of my videos, they might have an ad at the beginning, middle and end of the video which will net them 3 times the number of advert views. 

Finally, if you have more subscribers, you have more chance of popping up in peoples  notifications and the front page of their youtube. Whilst people might not click in and watch, the potential to have more eyes on their video is there, which could give them higher views. The real money when it comes to subscribers, is the brand sponsorship deals. The higher a subscriber count, the more likely you are to get sponsorship deals and that’s where the real cash is! 

However, if we are solely talking about Adsense, it’s the video views which pay, not the subscriber numbers. If you meet the minimum amount you need to monetise your channel and you consistently post videos, the adsense money will come in and as I showed you, I was making more money when I had less subscribers because I was posting more! 

How I make money as an influencer?

Ta Da! And there we have it! YouTube paid me HOW much in 2022? Adsense earnings reveal! I hope this post is of help. Please let me know if you have any questions!